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  1. Theoretically, yes.

    But with spermatozoa, not everything is so simple.

    Actually, not all spermatozoa can fertilize, but only about 1%. The rest, however, are not ballast, they play the role of a support group: they help to get to the egg by 1%, and also “wet” or block sperm cells from other males (the so-called “sperm wars”).

    From the same 1% of spermatozoa that can actually fertilize an egg, the female's body somehow chooses the highest quality, and allows it to reach the egg.

    It is also known that getting pregnant is not so easy: some couples have to have sex without contraception more than once or twice to get the desired two strips.

    Thus, it is quite possible that you ( and I, and everyone around you) turned out exactly as they should, and some other people could not have turned out.

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