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  1. IF the human mind is powerless to solve some problems, in principle, then this is a new unknown law of nature and human biology, which limits the knowledge and achievement of Truth.

    There are no data or grounds for this hypothesis yet.

  2. The human mind is a product of consciousness, and consciousness is a reflection of objective reality, i.e. the matter that surrounds us and of which we are composed, i.e. consciousness is a trace that leaves one matter when interacting with another.

    The mind only establishes causal relationships that are reflected in consciousness, so sooner or later all the observed causal relationships will be established.

    Infinity lies in the word observables, because the number of details that are revealed is infinite, just as knowledge itself is infinite.

    In other words, when a person learns something new, he begins to observe new details that he did not observe due to his ignorance, i.e. lack of knowledge necessary to recognize these details.

    The process of cognition is an objective process, a manifestation of the law of reflection.

  3. Gradually solves it. At the same time, it should be understood that the solution of such issues lies not only in the field of science. Irrational methods of cognition also (what is often referred to as mysticism) are responsible for their own area of responsibility (for example, questions about the nature of consciousness largely belong to this area.

  4. everything is defined and it is positive for everyone. but since the planet has sunk to…access to civilizational (and in general) development without the conscious will of those in power is significantly doubtful. how to convince them that the planet is waiting for another flood-if they do not want to realize and do not take some measures.

  5. I think so. Moreover, the human mind may simply not be able to perceive the answers to some questions. For example, even if a person learns how and why consciousness arises, will they be able to fully understand this process?

    In addition, the human mind is simply unable to formulate an infinite number of questions related to understanding the essence of the surrounding reality.

  6. Since we need to answer these questions for ourselves, and not for the Universe, which is many orders of magnitude more complex than we are, the answers will certainly be found. And to these questions, and to many others that haven't even been asked yet. It is another matter that these answers will satisfy our civilization at a certain point in time, but will not remain relevant forever. Any human theory is always only a model of objective reality, and the model, as we know, is simpler than the original.

    I will also add that some of the current problems of our time (as in other periods of history) probably have an incorrect formulation. In this case, the issues themselves will have to be changed, and their solutions will be very unexpected.

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