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  1. The Bible mentions Jesus ' brothers, as many as four. The Christian canon usually treats them either as Joseph's children by another woman, or as cousins. But this is done rather for the sake of preserving the virginity of Mary, there is no other argument, as far as I understand. So it is quite possible to assume that they were the younger brothers of Christ (but this assumption, in general, is no better than what is offered by the canon).



  2. In ancient Israel, records of genealogies were kept from the first man Adam. Everything was carefully recorded and stored and rewritten for centuries, millennia.

    For example, Noah's grandfather Methuselah lived at the same time as Adam and therefore knew all the details not only by writing, but also by word of mouth. And after the flood, the chronicles were kept up to the 1st century AD – the time when the Son of God, Jesus Christ, was born and lived on earth. First of all, this was necessary to ensure the purity of the family line of Jesus. So it was not difficult for Luke and Matthew to rewrite the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

    This tells us that other children of Mary and Joseph were also recorded. His fellow countrymen had no doubt that this was the large family of a famous carpenter. Mark wrote about it:

    “Is he not a carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, Josiah, Judas, and Simon? Aren't His sisters here between us?”

    After Joseph, Jesus, the eldest son, became known as a good carpenter until he changed his occupation. Jesus loved his family, his mother, and his brothers and sisters. At least His mother and two brothers later became His followers. Now we can read their messages in the Bible, Book II. James and Jude.

  3. This is exactly what Luke 8:19-21 hints at: “And his mother and his brothers came to Him, but they could not come near Him because of the multitude of the people. And they let Him know. ” See also Mark 3: 31, Matthew 12: 46

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