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  1. At one time, I went to university with several guys from Nigeria who belonged to different peoples – Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa. I can say the following about them:�

    • Each of them was proficient in several languages – their mother tongue, some other languages spoken in Nigeria, as well as English and Russian; moreover, they were proficient in Russian at a level that allows them to conduct a dialogue on abstract topics, understand jokes and make jokes themselves;�

    • all of them were very adaptable to the surrounding realities of life – they opened a business in a completely foreign country, were very focused on achieving material well-being (which some of them did very well);�

    • they studied at an average level, but there were no frankly “not pulling” among them;�

    In general, I left an impression of them as adequate people. I do not know how far IQ is related to all this, but I think that it does not reflect the whole complex completeness of a person's personality, based on the perception of which we can draw conclusions about a person and his mental – cognitive and moral-psychological qualities.

  2. The error lies in the question itself. To pass the IQ test, you need some background. Although there are questions about ingenuity, but without knowledge in any way. Example: how to extract coconut milk without damaging the coconut? — you don't know the answer, and if the IQ test was made by residents of a country where every baby knows this, you would end up with an IQ of 50. And the question is very important, any normal person is obliged to navigate it. Okay, okay, this is not an IQ question, but the principle is clear. Let's try another question: Which of these words is superfluous-kookaburra, wallaby, kuzu, kangaroo? If you take the IQ compiled by Americans, a citizen scores fewer points the less familiar they are with the background. And if you take the IQ compiled for residents of a particular country, the average will be 100. Because the IQ is compiled so that the average is always 100. Conversely, if Nigerians write tests, Americans will fail them. Russians are not very aware of these features, because they are very close to the United States in terms of culture.

    Well, if you didn't like kuzu and coconuts, here's another example:

    Solve the anagrams and eliminate the extra word.
    (in the field for answers, enter an extra word in the solved form)

    But you, dear reader, will need not to solve anagrams, but to answer another question:

    How well will this task be performed by a person who has never entered anything from the keyboard or seen it, is not familiar with the Cyrillic alphabet, did not read anagrams as a child, and does not know either the word anagram or the corresponding concept? If he doesn't complete this task, what does it tell us personally about his intelligence?
    Response options:
    1. Yes
    2. Don't
    3. 15
    4. Later

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