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  1. This is a type of psychopathy and severe neuroses associated with the impact on the individual psyche of certain structures of the collective unconscious.�

    This type of exposure depends on the mental” firmware ” of a person (i.e., on the set of stereotypes and attitudes that they are guided by in life) and on the degree of sensitivity and vulnerability of the psyche.�

    In some cases, this is also the reason for the relief of these symptoms: therefore, religious practices such as” chastisement”, exorcism, for a certain part of patients(hysterics, infantiles, psychasthenics, etc., with certain specific life experiences and attitudes) can be quite effective. But not as a universal recipe, of course.

  2. I immediately warn you that I am not an expert on “evil spirits”. But from the point of view of a cognitive scientist, a researcher of consciousness, obsession with an idea that is not related to an understandable personal life need is already an alarm bell. Such an obsessive person fulfills someone else's externally imposed behavior program. He does not control himself and his behavior, but some alien (artificial) program embedded in him in one way or another.

    What is the nature of these “programs”, whether they can be considered as independent malicious entities, I can not answer. I do not propose to fight them, as the Church does, by exorcising “demons”. I believe that the best way to get rid of such “obsessions” is to develop awareness, the ability to make independent decisions based on direct perception of the world. The more conscious and direct a person is, the less likely they are to become obsessed with any alien programs.

  3. This is a banality and you need to be so uneducated, stubborn, or preoccupied with some kind of false teaching like atheism to read it as a myth. Accurate examinations are unlikely to be expected, but approximately 2/3 of patients in psychiatric clinics are obsessive people. Do medications help them? Of course , because all people live in material flesh and all are affected by psychotropic substances. There is a special section called “demonology”. To whom God gives such a gift, then, according to the theory, such “people “finish their studies.” “Through the forests, across the seas, the sorcerer carries the hero.” Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it isn't there. All the myths about Odysseus are real events of that time, slightly embellished.

    The spiritual world is much brighter and more diverse than the material world. Not everyone is ready to see it, God gave man such a gift as a poet – not to see it. It is better to look at the bright sun than the swamp mud.

  4. I believe that demonic possession is a reality , but since it is tried to be fully explained in the framework of psychiatry , it is incorrect . And it is the obsession that everyone who is not lazy is trying to treat . And big psychiatry (f20-f25 ) is diseases from God, these are his jewels .

  5. The answer lies between the material and the esoteric. Of course, they will write to you that this is a special kind of psychopathy. However, there is no denying the fact that obsession is treated by people connected with the otherworldly – from priests to healers and magicians. And apparently, the latter are much better at curing obsession. So it is difficult to say whether it is demons or some other entities, but it is a fact that this is an energy problem, and not a physical one.

  6. Reality, but you can understand it both directly (if you believe in Dark Forces), and metaphorically, as a mental pathology of a person in one form or another-obsessions, fanaticism – that's all.

  7. Yes, I believe, I am sure that those possessed by demons exist and I have witnessed many times that these patients are not treated, neither by doctors nor psychiatrists, but are very successfully treated, by the holy clergy can check, this is not a myth, most mentally ill people are possessed by the devil and this is not a myth, if this obsession is started, you can die.

  8. obsession is there of course!once I observed how an invisible entity completely specifically controlled a person and he tried to counteract it…but she had the upper hand

  9. “Demon possession” is an attempt to describe something that only psychiatrists can explain. After all, not every psycho reveals what he thinks about during his seizures. For me, this is a fierce myth.

  10. A mentally ill person is “abnormal” – not like everyone else. He lives in his real world realizing this, and we forcibly interfere with him. Obsession is a fact. The scientific explanation of psychiatry, from the point of view of gross materialism, is nonsense. There is a spiritual (subtle) world and this must be recognized.

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