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  1. “The Ninth Wave” is, in my opinion, the most famous painting by Aivazovsky. It is unlikely that there is a person who has not seen it, at least in the reproduction. Look at the picture, listen to your feelings, and describe what you see and feel. Everyone will have different feelings. For example, when I first saw a painting in a museum as a child, I was struck by its realism and was surprised by the enormity of the waves. I didn't know then that the sea could be so terrible. Then, for several days, I dreamed of the exciting sea and various stories about shipwrecks. But in my dreams, everything ended well 🙂

    If we give a classical analysis of the work, we can note that the picture celebrates the courage of a person who opposes the elements. After all, the sailors are fighting for their lives with the last of their strength and do not want to give up. It is terrible to imagine what kind of storm hit them at night, if at dawn the sea has not yet calmed down. And the most terrible,” ninth ” wave is preparing to hit people… But the soft calm tones of the picture, the first rays of the sun-give hope for salvation, do not leave an alarming impression on the viewer.

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