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  1. I don't see why these amendments should make atheism in Russia any hotter or colder. Here it is, the same amendment: “The Russian Federation, united by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of its ancestors, who passed on to us the ideals and faith in God, as well as continuity in the development of the Russian state, recognizes the historically formed state unity.”

    Does it oblige me to believe in God? By the way, in what God – I live in Tatarstan, where there are about the same number of Muslims as Orthodox? I don't understand at all what exactly should change in my life with the adoption of this amendment. They are just words, vibrations in the air. It also says that “The bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in the Russian Federation is its multinational people.” Do you feel at least to some extent the bearer of power in the Russian Federation? That's just it…

  2. Atheism not only won, but won so convincingly that in order to support believers in God, it was even necessary to legally protect them from insulting the delicate feelings of those who lost an intellectual discussion.

  3. For more than a millennium, Russia has existed, exists and will continue to exist on the basis of the overwhelming majority of Russians ' faith in the Orthodox Christian religion. The peculiarity of Russia is its tolerance and respect for other religions of the annexed peoples. From the time of the conquered Tatars of Kazan and Astrakhan to the Chechen Imam Shamil, whose descendants became members of the royal court. The Russian land was and will continue to be built on that basis.

  4. Most likely, he has already lost for 30-35 years .

    The famous celebrations on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus contributed to the fact that believers came out, including FANATICALLY believers, people who simply lurk until a certain moment. Moreover, these people found themselves not only in the ordinary bureaucracy or, for example, in the intelligentsia, but also in the military and police environment. Moreover, the wave of sectarian expansion in the 1990s was met with serious resistance from traditional believers.

    In addition, the persecution of religion and believers by the Soviet regime is a huge and irrefutable fact. Apparently, there was someone to pursue . In addition, in 1917-1984 there was a significant redistribution and seizure of property from organized religion and believers, which was difficult for atheist citizens to hide from the public.

    Only quite extreme circumstances (the murder of a prominent regional leader , V. Savitsky, in 1995, the outright ban on religious parties, and the imprisonment of some individuals) contributed to the failure of the creation of a Christian democratic or more right-wing Christian party-by the way, the assistant of this leader was none other than Vitaly Milonov.

    Parties headed by avowed atheists are not very popular in Russia . After all, even Citizen Zyuganov is not like that…

  5. The amendments to the Constitution were blatant cheating. Along with useful things, such as the preservation of territorial integrity, God was also wrapped up there (without naming which one-Christ, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha or Roda), but also, say, life senatorship and immunity for former presidents.

    I think that if each amendment had been voted on separately – as logic and democracy require-the results would have been different. Not all amendments would have passed.

    And the list of amendments itself, apparently, was compiled by the AP. Everything was done in a hurry-clearly under the current political situation.

  6. Oh, and without an amendment to the Constitution, no one guessed about the support of religion in Russia?

    What a strange logic you have. Have you read the “God Amendment”? Its text says that we value the heritage of our ancestors, including history and faith in God. Bad atheism – “I see the word God, I don't get into the essence, I spit”

    Atheism will lose when freedom of conscience is abolished in our country. Or when, as in Norway, they will introduce an official state religion. But even Christians don't think that way.

  7. Mary-Mary, you are a stranger in Sssary.Atheism, of course, did not lose,and clericalism did not win anything.Apart from enraging people by forcing them to accept UNNATURAL dogmas through the knee,the church won nothing.Now it is clear in whose service it is, and this causes even greater anger among the people by the authorities.The division into believers and non-believers, rich and poor, smart and deceived.Finish playing.This is the path to revolution.Boris.

  8. No, of course not. Nothing terrible happened. The Constitution is a piece of paper that was rewritten once, but you can also rewrite it again.: -)

    And then, people, voting for all the amendments en masse, voted first of all not for religion, but for the preservation of the beloved president. Nothing else mattered to them. Therefore, you could cram anything into this list. They would write that the Earth is flat and stands on three whales, and our people would vote for this.: -)

  9. I wouldn't say that. Well, or depending on what tasks you attribute to “atheism”. We have indeed declared our support for religion – but ask us for atheism, I think we are ready to express our support for it too=) After all, we are for everything that contributes to life, we are for peace and friendship, for knowledge – and it is great that there are religions, and it is great that there is atheism. These are different ways of relating to the world, and by accepting and embracing their diversity, we become spiritually richer and happier.

  10. Why did you lose? Atheism in Russia is quite common. Less than in some European countries, but more than in the same USA. The Constitution – the constitution, which was entered not something new, but a simple statement of fact. In Norway, for example, where there are more atheists, the church was separated from the state only in 2012.

    And atheism is atheism. One of the philosophical concepts that has a certain number of adherents, regardless of what is written in the constitution.

    Today, Catholicism is a state religion in the Vatican, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco and San Marino. In Denmark, Iceland and Norway – Lutheranism, in England – Anglicanism, and in Greece – Orthodoxy, are “state religions” enshrined in the constitutions, which does not affect the citizens of these countries who are atheists.

  11. You know… No matter how much you say “halva”, it won't make your mouth any sweeter. There's a lot of stuff written on the barn, too, and there's wood lying around. “God” should be written in the heart, not on paper. I see no moral or spiritual content in this “mention”. Atheist liberals once again staged a “dance with a tambourine” on this occasion. Believers are pleased. But, no more than that.

  12. Atheism has lost not only in Russia, but all over the world. Atheism is a disease, and quite curable under the appropriate conditions and “medicines”… But there are always people who stubbornly claim that they are healthy and do not want to go to the clinic…

    If there are about 7 billion people on the planet, then at least 5 billion of them profess one of the religions. Somewhere in the depths of the soul, every person experiences the fear of death, the fear of illness, and many other fears; and in critical circumstances, he seeks peace of mind…. The God I rejected a few days ago.

    I do not intend to argue and prove the existence of the Creator at all, this is a matter of time, a question beyond the competence of a person, regardless of whether he believes in God or not. Death awaits all – it will judge.

  13. The question is naive-atheism in Russia has never won – what not to do for its self-affirmation!

    The identity of atheism God allowed after it was born and began to spread across Russia, allowed to fulfill His prophecy: –

    ” … there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing secret that will not be known …”

    .. but when it was fulfilled, when atheism exposed its helplessness at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the subsequent incompleteness of the construction of even socialism, not to mention communism, another prophecy came true: –

    “…whosoever heareth these words of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, who built his house upon the sand: and the rain came, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell, and there was a great fall. …”,

    .. and it was so – there was that great fall A great power … in 3 days of the State Emergency Committee … since that time, Russia began to return “to its circles” – turned to God!

    But now with clear evidence of the futility of atheism!

  14. I don't think so. I think this mention is motivated not by the sincere faith of politicians, but by some political interests. The political situation will change, and the state's attitude to religion will also change. And the constitution can always be corrected, as we have seen.

  15. Atheism can not win or lose – it is not an attitude to God, but a consequence of a private consumer attitude to Society, and in a democracy, a kind of sign of fearlessness, which is usually flaunted in youth, believing that everything is up to her, and the answer to the question: “And stop the change of seasons?”, followed by an astonished : “What does the change of seasons have to do with it?” – “Yes, because it is as much a part of the universe as Society!”.

  16. Many of my friends consider themselves Orthodox.

    Of these, exactly one can recite the Orthodox Symbol of Faith … not a single one. Still, one and a half hundred words with a rather complex meaning. These are not two simple phrases used by Muslims.

    However, they undertake to enlighten me. This is especially fun at the New Year's holiday table. Yeah, during the strict Christmas fast.

    This is not Faith. This is fashion.

  17. No. The amendment only develops the right to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. As before, but with the addition that religious institutions participated in the construction of statehood and culture. This amendment is actually needed to justify state support for religious organizations, which was previously more shaky

  18. Atheism according to your question (let me add – as a roulette player), loses not only in Russia, but as any player, always and everywhere risks-to lose, although this is a relay game, and still continues in the minds, until the last breath-the refereeing will end any dispute, and the revival.
    … but every atheist, according to the rules, has a chance to win, which I, like every believer, hope for-they will go to the winning team, which is quite welcome by the refereeing and the conditions of the game.
    … 1 John 5: 4-5:
    “For whosoever is born of God overcometh the world; and this is the victory that overcometh the world, our faith.
    Who overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?
    Those who can stop in time will not lose.
    .. Jer 6: 16:
    1 Thus saith the LORD: Stand still in your ways, and see, and inquire of the ways of old, where is the good way; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.
    .. John 14: 6:
    “Jesus said…: I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.
    … 2 Corinthians 5: 17:
    1 ” Therefore whoever is in Christ is a new creature; the old things have passed away, now all things are new.

  19. How did you lose so much ??? Atheism in Russia didn't stand a chance… Russia is the wrong state and the wrong people… Fortunately, we are neither French nor German… We are not atheists. The whole story is holy proof of this… There's nothing to talk about … Atheism is obviously a losing position in principle, and even more so here…

  20. We have on the coat of arms of the Russian Federation and Moscow Christ (os) sitting on a white horse..

    The constitution should say that our state was created by Christ.

    Explain to children how this happened, study at school the Teaching of Christ for the servants of God, which no one knows, etc.

    Then atheists will be just half-educated.

  21. Atheism in Russia, at least in the traditionally Russian regions where Orthodoxy prevailed, has won. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only 2% of the population gathers for the main Orthodox holiday (Easter). Therefore, this is a pure victory for atheism. Yes, there is an illusion that they say A DOZEN CHURCHES are BEING BUILT EVERY DAY, but this is just an illusion – first, the church does not pay taxes, what not to build, and secondly, many rich people launder loot through this construction, they say, the TEMPLE WAS GIVEN. And so, 2% of all Russians go to Easter-this is an indicator, especially since the Ministry of Internal Affairs is unlikely to lie.

    As for the Russians who profess Islam, I can't say.

  22. “The new Constitution mentions God.Having supported the amendments, the Russians declared their support for religion.Has atheism lost in Russia?”

    God was introduced into the Constitution by fraudsters for their own selfish purposes.

    Moreover, they were introduced in a fraudulent way (and what other way can fraudsters act?), since they introduced a SECULAR state into the Constitution, in which, allegedly, the church is separated from the state and allegedly has nothing to do with it.

    In addition, each amendment to the Constitution must be discussed and adopted or not adopted separately, but here everyone mixed a whole vinaigrette of sour, bland and bitter and accepted everything chohom.

    This is also a scam, just like the notorious “zeroing” and other fraudulent tricks that none of the Russians would ever support.

    Did atheism lose out in Russia?

    No, the Russians lost!

  23. The next steps are to punish unbelief or disbelief, and to force the teaching and examination of the law of God in schools. As it was before February 1917. It remains to wait.

  24. What does atheism have to do with it?

    The government promotes what it needs and does not consider anything… Mentioning God is just a desire of the authorities to get some more votes for the crowd… For sure, the overwhelming majority of believers came to vote for this point…

    The amended Constitution was printed long before the vote, and there was an inscription on it, such as:” it comes into force after the official publication of the results of the all-Russian vote. ” That is, the authorities have already decided that no matter what the amendments will be made…

    The church has long and very persistently interfered with the state, using every opportunity-it means that someone slipped an amendment about God, and in order not to quarrel with the church once again, the authorities inserted it into the amendments… knowing for sure that the constitution and everything written in it are bullshit, which they, the authorities, have long put with the coronavirus… They needed turnout, they provided it, in a larger volume with the help of remote voting(after all, observers will not be able to verify it). It is the package offer that says that with these amendments, not everything is clean. The Constitution was mostly amended meaninglessly, and only a few were critical for the authorities… So it's fine… The God Amendment is no worse than the animal love amendment…

    The only question that remains is: the constitution is the basic law for a person, all other particulars are signed in federal laws… For what purpose do they make a big thick book out of the constitution with a bunch of laws that mean nothing to the population?

  25. The guardians of Christianity and, in particular, Orthodoxy, do not want to admit that in fact this God did not really care much about our native land and its people. It is enough to remember that he did not protect Russia from the numerous feuds that tore apart Russia in the Middle Ages. It is especially surprising that the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church, nominating their God as the defenders and saviors of our Fatherland, forgot that in 1917 he did not save the then head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Tsar Nicholas II, from the coup d'etat in Russia (the February and October revolutions) and the subsequent death of the tsar and his family members. Not only God, but also the leadership (synod) of the Russian Orthodox Church itself did not stand up for the head of their Church and, in fact, allowed him to be killed. Christ did not save our country from the years-long civil war that claimed the lives of millions of believers in him.

    According to the well-known Swedish politician Per Almark, given in the book “An open wound”, 62 million people were killed in the USSR in 1917 – 1987. But the most amazing thing is that Jesus Christ did not protect his own and, probably, beloved servants – priests and churchmen – from death. During the years of Soviet power, hundreds of thousands of priests and clerics were repressed and killed. But Jesus Christ, for whose glory they endured their torments and in whose name they died, did not help them, did not protect them, did not save them…

    Neither this God nor other Gods of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism and Islam) saved our country from external attacks – the Pechenegs, Khazars, Tatar-Mongols, Poles, Swedes, German knight dogs, Napoleon's troops, the Entente troops, from defeats in the Russo-Japanese and World War 1, from the revolutions of 1905 and 1917.

    Christ and other members of his Trinity did not save our country from the attack of Nazi Germany in 1941. He allowed (“allowed”) Hitler, as before Napoleon, must gather all the hostile forces of Western Europe against us.

    It should be recalled that on the badges of German soldiers there was an inscription ” Gott mit uns “(God is with us), i.e. they destroyed our cities and killed our people with the name of the very God who, according to the authors of this amendment, as well as the authors of our new anthem, defended our country from the enemy. During the nazi aggression on the territory of the USSR, 1710 cities and urban-type settlements were destroyed, more than 70 thousand villages and villages were burned, 32 thousand industrial enterprises and 65 thousand km of railway tracks were blown up and rendered useless, and 25 million people were left homeless. Surprisingly, this God did not protect his temples, where people prayed to him and asked him for salvation. According to the Extraordinary State Commission for the Identification and Investigation of the Atrocities Committed by the Nazi Invaders and Their Accomplices in the Temporarily Occupied Territories of the Soviet Union, 1,670 churches, 237 churches, 69 chapels, 59 synagogues and 258 buildings of other religious organizations were burned or completely destroyed during the war.

    During the Second World War, those who were attacked by the Nazi invaders, including believers of the Soviet Union, turned to Jesus Christ with requests (prayers) for protection. Knowing how military operations developed on the fronts of this war, we can say that Christ did not stop the aggressors, did not punish them, did not protect the weak – the sick, innocent old people, women and children! No, he calmly watched as millions (!) of his admirers died during the Second World War on battlefields and in gas chambers. And not only warriors, but also defenseless old people, children and women…

    Patriarch Kirill's defense of God's indifference to the deaths of millions of our citizens is astonishing and perplexing. In June 2009, Patriarch Kirill blasphemously declared that he considered the Great Patriotic War a punishment of God. On the eve of the 68th anniversary of the attack of Nazi Germany on the Soviet Union, Russian media began discussing the significance of the Great Patriotic War from the point of view of the Russian Orthodox Church. The reason was the statements of Patriarch Kirill that the war was God's punishment for the crimes of the Bolsheviks against the Church. God's punishment, in his opinion, “is not a manifestation of some despotism and cruelty, it is a manifestation of Divine justice, without which there can be no existence of the world.” It turns out that the destruction of millions of women, children, and the elderly is a manifestation of divine justice. This means that the” loving ” God destroyed millions of Russian citizens-women, old people and children, including believers, destroyed thousands of cities and villages just to punish the Bolsheviks! Unfortunately, this is in line with the moral of the Christian Church: “For the Lord punishes whom He loves…” (Hebrews 12: 6). The fact that on the 65th anniversary of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad, the cleric of the St. Petersburg Diocese, Alexy Uspensky, called the blockade a punishment of God for the revolution of 1917, shows that such a speech by the Patriarch is not accidental.

    But not only did Christ not save and protect our country. Neither did the God of the Jews, Yahweh, protect our citizens from annihilation during this war. It is enough to recall the extermination of 30 thousand Jews in the Babi Yar tract.

    Even in modern times, Christ did not protect our country-the USSR-from a coup d'etat, the collapse of the country and the destruction of its economy.

    Christ did not protect our country from various pandemics. For example, from the pneumonic form of plague known as the” black death”, which in the middle of the XIV century wiped out about a quarter of the population of Europe. In Russia, according to the Chronicle of the Novgorod Church of St. Stephen): “…the most terrible plague of 1417 raged in Pskov, Novgorod, Ladoga, Pokrov, Torzhok, Tver, Dmitrov and nearby places. Whole villages were dying out, and in the big houses, when all the adults died, barely one child was left alive. The same misfortune befell equally the inhabitants of Novgorod, so flourishing in trade, and in 1419 the vast city of Kiev, as well as Pskov. In 1467, in Novgorod alone and its environs, 230.602 people died from moru. Finally, back in 1478-1486 and 1487, this infection caused terrible devastation in the same city and equally in Pskov.” And today, this God, as well as other Gods of the Abrahamic religions, did not protect our people from the coronavirus, which affected both people (more than 800 thousand people as of 24.7.20) and the economy of our country.

    For many centuries, Russia has suffered from numerous natural disasters, from which the Christian God did not protect it. In 2010 alone, the damage caused by forest fires in Russia amounted to about 50 billion rubles. Flooding in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2014 cost the budget 20 billion rubles, and in the Far East – 40 billion rubles. This year ……

    The fact that God not only does not protect our country, but also does not protect even his churches from hostile forces, is evidenced by a recent report in the media that the Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul, which is significant for the Russian Orthodox Church, has been transferred from a museum to the status of a mosque. It turns out that this God does not protect the holy places of the Christian Church!

    The short list of examples of God's attitude to our country and people already given shows that the mention of his name in our Constitution and anthem is a mistake. In addition, our state remains secular and pointing out the role of any God in its life does not correspond to its neutral status in relation to religion. Especially if the authors of the amendment claim that God protected and protected the country and took care of its well-being. When analyzing the amendments to the Constitution, this amendment should have been excluded from the list of those submitted for voting.

    Assessing the role of God, and in fact of gods in the history of our country, is a personal matter for every Russian citizen, and imposing the opinion of one part of the population on others can only lead to tension between them. We have enough of categorical non-recognition of the gods of other religions by one religion. For example, Jews and Muslims do not recognize Christ as God, and by claiming him as God, Christians offend the feelings of Muslims and Jews. However, in order to please the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church, the secular authorities do not pay attention to this.

    In fact, this amendment continues the line of pressure on non-believers, who, according to Article 148 of the Ukrainian Penal Code, are denied the right to protect their feelings, unlike believers of Semitic religions.

  26. Atheism in Russia initially lost, simply because there are no knowledgeable people who could offer other help. There are only ostentatious popularizers like Nevzorov or Panchin, who are no better than believers who support an article about insulting feelings, etc.And if you think about the Marxist approach to religious issues and what the country has become, then everything is sad. There are, of course, adequate people who understand the importance of religion and approach it with interest, but they are catastrophically few.

  27. Rubbish. At least because the amendments were made in a single package. For many, if they had a choice, some amendments would get “yes” and others “no”. I didn't have a choice at all. Nothing.

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