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  1. Was in the childhood and is now. When someone is staring at me, even from a distance, or when I'm sleeping. Unconsciously, I turn sharply and then realize that people are looking at me. These are usually men in public places.

  2. People leave very funny comments about how they feel when someone is looking at them. Try sitting in an audience or classroom, turn around and look at someone, and lo and behold, this person will look at you before you look at him, because first there is a sharp movement that the person pays attention to.

    Not to mention turning around to see if she looked back on the street, where the person behind is already looking in your direction.

  3. It's still there. I don't understand how it works, but for example, if you look at me while I'm sleeping, I immediately wake up “because someone is watching”. I thought everyone did. Recently, I stared at my sleeping husband, but I immediately thought that he would wake up now and swear, just as I woke him up with my views. Nothing happened) Then he was very surprised that this happens)

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