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  1. Atheists do not understand the naivety of believers, who seem to continue to live in caves with their fictional gods and mythology.

    99 percent of people in prison are believers; according to a study by Czech psychologists, sex maniacs who kill women are delusional about the religious purity of the myth; shahids detonate explosives on themselves with the religious belief that their death will turn into goodness in paradise; a bunch of believers, waiting for the end of the world, dive deep underground with small children… This is today. And if you look back in time?!

    But it is even worse when believers take it upon themselves to judge modern politics or life… this is not even naivety. it's just stupid.

    And then a normal person loses all desire to learn something about religious faith, and it does not matter at all whether he is a believer or not.

    But the main thing is different. The author of the question considers himself a Christian, but is it Christian to show off his self-conceit and denounce other people?! Even in my naivete.

  2. Obviously, there are different atheists, as well as different believers. Some are able to correctly state their complaints about the object of their criticism, while others are not. Also, some believers are able to properly explain what they really believe and, most importantly, why, while others do not.

    In addition, it should be said that people in principle find it difficult to see the naivety of their reasoning on any subject, because they simply have nothing to compare them with. Religion (as well as, for example, politics or sports) seems to be an area in which there is nothing complicated. Therefore, few people think to read at least a few theological works about the Christian faith before criticizing it.

  3. Hello, I can't say for sure, I'm different.

    I'm definitely not an atheist, and I don't know that. I have a very good life knowing that I am a deeply religious person. But the fact that there are people who do not believe, I must accept. You can understand them and this way is also the way. There are a huge number of ideas . How do we know why this happens? But I know that everything has its own meaning.

    I'm not sure I have the right to judge them. Because-this is their opinion and desire. And the free will of people cannot be violated or condemned. Let everyone have this right and use it as they see fit. To each his own and each experience is valuable.

  4. Each of us has his own idea of life, the way to achieve the goal.

    There is a “pie of information” – the universe, so everyone occupies their own niche, bites off as much information from the” pie ” as their consciousness allows.

    And since our consciousness develops individually, it has a different character of cognition: easy, persistent, literate, naive, atheistic, religious. Telling someone that they are wrong is stupid, because we are not very smart either.

    Developed intuition allows a person to “see” God and the spiritual world. Intelligence gives you an atheistic worldview, instinct gives you a connection with nature. Today, intelligence (brain) is highly promoted by people, instinct (bone marrow, body health) is of great interest, because few people want to be sick.

    And intuition is the mind of the soul in the rest. Some people don't know anything about the soul at all. How can such poor people come to religion, or, more precisely, to discover the spiritual world? Atheists simply have no way to understand spiritual values.

    The spiritual world is not of this world.

  5. Atheists see religion from the outside. Seeing sex from the outside, you can decide that this is a fight, that the victim of the rapist is crying for help.
    To talk about sex, what do you need?- Yes, just try it once. But TRY IT WITH AN OPEN…no, not a body, but most importantly a HEART.
    For example, I decided to learn the subtleties of sex.
    And when I go out on my first date, I think: I'm going to be raped, killed to hide evidence, and my body is going to be dismembered. What can I understand about sex if I imagine at the climax that I'm about to be dismembered?
    Religion-like any knowledge (mathematics, cooking, etc.) requires a positive interest in the subject.
    Religion is a special subject. Its goal is to change human nature so that it is immortal and worthy of merging with God. My nature resists this, like a virgin, does not want spiritual “sex”. But without it, she will die a “spinster monkey”. And being spiritually fertilized, so to speak, will give rise to an evolutionarily different nature.
    After all, religion is not about the Swiss watch of the patriarch, but about the RESURRECTION of the DEAD! About the supermaterial nature that our immortal souls will put on.
    Yeah, that's sooooooooooooo hard to believe. But we must try, there is no other way to evolve.
    To create your own kind. it is necessary to live a sexual life.
    And to create something absolutely incomparable, you need to live a spiritual (creative) life. Live a religious life. To believe.
    You don't understand how lucky it is that there are so many opportunities for this right now. In the USSR, we were deprived of religion.
    Now you can go to church on Sunday and receive the sacraments of Christ. IT'S FREE. A small sacrifice is needed: in the evening, read the “Following to Holy Communion” in Russian (not Slavic). Well, at least not all of them, but as much as you can. Don't eat or drink anything after midnight. You can brush your teeth.
    And most importantly : prepare for the sacrament of confession. Remember: What a bad thing I've done. You can write it on a piece of paper, give it to the priest, and he will read it in silence.
    The Divine Liturgy (at which the sacrament of communion takes place) is usually celebrated at 10 o'clock on Sunday. The sacrament of Confession begins at 9.30 am. You can find out more on the temple's website, or at Svechnitsa.
    The main thing, if you do not believe, then try to believe that the sacrament is a touch of the absolute highest good. It must be there, otherwise why are we here so suffering and pining? You just need to believe, purify yourself (if possible) from your base dirt, and touch your lips.
    You may not feel anything the first time. Here (as in sexual life) you need regularity. Perform the sacrament at least once a month.

  6. The idea of God and the real God are often not just different, but opposite. Naivety (they do not know what they are doing) is characteristic to varying degrees of all people who have not received the gift of the Holy Spirit. A prime example.

    Religious Jews crucify Christ without knowing what they are doing.

    33 And when they came to the place called the place of the skull, there they crucified him and the evildoers, one on the right hand and one on the left.

    34 But Jesus said, ” Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And when they divided His garments among themselves, they cast lots.

    35 And the people stood and watched. But the rulers also mocked, saying, ” He has saved others; let him save Himself, if He is the Christ of God, the Chosen One.”

    36 The soldiers also mocked him, coming up and offering him vinegar

    37 And saying, ” If you are the King of the Jews, save yourself.”

    38 And there was also an inscription over it in Greek, Roman, and Hebrew characters.: This is the King of the Jews.

    39 And one of the wicked men who had been hanged blasphemed him, saying, Art thou not the Christ? Save Yourself and us.

    40 And another answered and said unto him, Reproachfully, Thou fearest not God, for thou art condemned to the same thing.

    41 And we are just, for we receive what is worthy according to our deeds. He didn't do anything wrong.

    42 And he said, Jesus, remember me when you come as king.

    43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee: Today you will be in paradise with Me.

    44 And it was now about the sixth hour, and darkness fell over all the land until the ninth hour,

    45 since the sun is gone. And the veil of the temple was rent in the middle.

    46 And Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and said, Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. And with that, he breathed his last.

    47 But when the centurion saw what had happened, he glorified God, saying, ” Indeed, this man was a righteous man.

    48 And all the people that were gathered together at this sight, when they saw what was done, returned beating their breasts.

    Luke 23 – Bible — New Testament translation by Cassian: https://bible.by/cas/42/23/#34

    Hence the fundamentally different responsibilities.

    30 He who is not with me is against me; and he who does not gather with me scatters.

    31 Therefore I say to you, All sin and blasphemy will be forgiven to men, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven to men;

    32 If anyone speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but if anyone speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this world or in the world to come.

    Matthew 12 – The Bible: https://bible.by/syn/40/12/#31

  7. The vast majority of believers do not understand the naivety of their arguments about religion. As well as the naivety of their arguments about atheists.

    The reasoning of an untrained person on any topic will inevitably be naive. But most of those who consider themselves believers do not even understand their own religion. Most of them didn't even look at the Bible. Understanding how it got “from hearing” from priests and other believers. It is no coincidence that in the Middle Ages it was strictly forbidden to engage in the interpretation and explanation of the Bible to those who did not have a theological education.

    And by the way, what religion are we talking about? Religions in the world – a cart and a small cart. And if you believe in one god, you are unlikely to understand other beliefs.

  8. I know a lot of atheists who understand theology much better than believers, many of whom are not even familiar with the basic tenets of their religion. not to mention the fact that religion really stupefies the population and allows you to keep them in line. Therefore, it is more logical to ask-do believers understand the naivety of their arguments about atheists?

  9. Atheists don't talk about religion. And they do not oppose religion in general, it does not teach bad things. Atheists are against imposition, arguments,hostility ,and impatience with other people's opinions . It's not about religion, but about the behavior of individual (not all,of course) believers. The difference between atheists and believers is that believers “at their word” believe books,writings, words of priests, elders, etc. (for faith itself implies believing without any doubt, if there is doubt-this is no longer faith), and atheists believe only factual evidence of the existence of not only God, but also the soul, the afterlife, which can be verified.

  10. “Do atheists understand that in addition to money and power, there is also the spiritual world, spiritual search, and higher values?”

    Everyone has a spiritual world. And we, the atheists, are much richer in it, since it is not limited to one religion, but extends to science, art, philosophy, etc.

    Believers do not have any spiritual search. Science is engaged in spiritual search, and believers do not need to search for anything. They already have everything they need to know in their master book.

    And those “values” that religion preaches are difficult to attribute to the “highest values”, since they do not lead society to anything good. I don't mean banal things like the prohibition of murder and theft. These values exist in any society and have nothing to do with religion. And purely religious values are either impracticable and not observed by anyone commandments (such as the requirement to love your neighbor) or all sorts of strange things like not working on weekends, not eating pork, not wearing certain clothes, and so on.

  11. In this regard, I remember your opinion about zombies in movies))

    Actually, if you extrapolate your opinion about them to the opinion of atheists about religion, then you will get the answer: every person looks at all such phenomena from his own bell tower, and very rarely is ready to listen to someone else's point of view, simply because his bell tower was built throughout his life, and it seems very logical and reasonable to him.

  12. First, atheists don't talk much about religion and God until the topic is brought up by theists. Second, atheists know that all religions and gods are made up by humans. And it doesn't really matter if you're a competent expert on Greek or Jewish mythology. For atheists, Jesus and Zeus are on a par with Allah, Mithra and the Egyptian Ra, in the sense that they are a reflection of the people of a certain era and country. Therefore, it is naive for an atheist to discuss the topic of gods, elves and fairies seriously at all. Like how long the fairy's legs are or the wingspan…

    “Do atheists understand that in addition to money and power, there is also the spiritual world, spiritual search, and higher values?”

    Imagine, you are not the only one who is very smart and “spiritually advanced”. The “spiritual world, spiritual search” exists perfectly outside of ideas about God or gods or religious experience in general. You are not so naive as to believe that “spirituality” was born some 2 thousand years ago with the advent of Christianity or even monotheism in general, and until that moment, the rest, at least 38 thousand years, our species was a stupid biorobot without emotions, feelings, thirst for research, knowledge of the world, etc.

  13. It is not necessary to deprive Atheists of their Soul and spirituality, this is not an exclusive quality only for believers, but in general it is better for believers not to get into the souls of Atheists.

  14. “Do atheists understand that in addition to money and power, there is also the spiritual world, spiritual search, and higher values?”

    What does spiritual search lead to? But I want a person to search for something there spiritually and find it.

    Here were completely unspiritual doctors who discovered bacteria, germs, vaccination and saved millions of lives.

    No God has protected either the faithful or the clergy from covid. These charlatans are dying like flies.

  15. Atheists understand. And do young ladies understand that exalted love ends with the birth of children and raptures about soiled diapers? This is doubtful because they did not finish reading “War and Peace”. There at the end, in the fourth volume, everything landed.

    And, in general, the logic that if you doubt the “highest values” is “naivety”, I like it. This is a clinic.

  16. It is equally important for a person to be and appear significant. A person by nature positions himself as effectively as possible. Atheists are fools to believers, and vice versa. A person can't help but position himself effectively.

  17. Atheists are different. Accordingly, their arguments about religion are different. Some are naive, some are quite mature. In principle, any religion is based simply on faith. The foundation contains dogmas that cannot be proved or refuted. Either the person believes them, or they don't. Therefore, it is pointless and harmful to argue about religions. Everyone has the right to believe in anything, and a believer in a Macaroni Monster has exactly the same rights as a believer in Jesus Christ. This is freedom of conscience.

  18. Well, this is far from the only consideration in the arsenal of atheists – and they are also very different from each other in terms of the level at which they go into problems. In general, as a rule, if a person thinks naively, he himself does not understand this naivety – but begins to understand, and his reasoning will change. Do some atheists understand the naivete of other atheists ' reasoning? “Yes, I suppose so, why not. And among religious people, in turn, ideas about religion also range from the most naive to deeply philosophical. So in this respect, atheists are hardly different from other people.

  19. Atheists are different. Read the atheist philosophers and scholastics of ancient and modern times. Their arguments contradict each other.

    Natalia, just don't read the experts on Yandex Q – you'll get a stomach ulcer.

  20. From a different angle
    There was no naivety and no reasoning about religion
    It wasn't even discussed !
    There was a clear position –
    There is no God and there can be no God
    Religion is an opim for the people .
    And those who disagree-those who dare to defend them
    Execution on the spot – in exile and concentration camps. Churches were collapsing – The Wealth of Churches Was being Plundered and sold. Young Russia Needed Money For Its Daily Needs .
    They believed in a bright future that needs to be built
    “We will destroy the whole world by force to the ground
    And then
    We are ours We Will Build A New World
    He who was nothing will become everything. “
    And for the time being
    There are people who still do not believe in God-ardent atheists. Who do not belong to any of the faiths
    But they have beliefs
    Do not lie , do not take someone else's and help – ” Man is a friend, comrade and brother to man.”
    And it had nothing to do with money and has nothing to do with it .
    Needless to say , the church is separate from the state and has always existed on donations from parishioners.

  21. Most importantly, atheists understand the naivety of religion itself, the myths and superstitions that underlie it. The Bible was written 2 thousand years ago, when science was just emerging, so it is replete with completely wild and ridiculous statements about the world around us. At the heart of all spheres of human activity is the desire for resources and dominance. To dominate and gain more resources, which increases the reproductive chance, is an instinct that drives athletes, film directors, priests and other professions. Those who can't do much usually go to librarians, religion, etc. For them, it's just a job. The main thing about atheism is not that religion is a fraudulent business. The main thing about atheism is that it does not accept information without proof. Religion has no proof that its theses are correct. Therefore, a scientifically and competently thinking person cannot accept a lie for the truth. As for the intellectual level, scientific work has shown that it is believers who are distinguished by a lower intellectual level: A 2016 study showed that belief in the supernatural, which is characteristic of religious and paranormal beliefs, correlated with all the variables studied in the subjects — with a low level of systematization, poor intuitive physical skills, poor technical abilities, poor ability to mentally rotate objects, low school grades in mathematics and physics, low overall level of familiarity with physical and biological phenomena, an intuitive way of thinking, and, in particular, with the property of assigning mentality to non-mental phenomena. Regression analysis showed that the most significant predictors of belief in the supernatural were a low level of general understanding of the physical world and an intuitive way of thinking.

  22. They perfectly understand and realize the materiality of the existing World.

    You can try to explain to your pet dog or cat that there is an eternal search for God.

    What can happen to these creatures is scary to think about.

    They will squabble not only over dry food, but also over the discrepancy between the religious attitudes of the Owner and the neighbor in the yard.

    Maybe it's great that atheists are naive people, that they don't care what fingers make the sign of the cross.

  23. I'll start with the last one: yes, atheists understand that there is a spiritual search. In addition, there are even atheist believers. The latter circumstance rather does not speak about the problem of having faith in God/God is sacred as such, but about the form of his knowledge (experience). Most of these people are guided in their spiritual experience in an empirical way (let's call it a thesis).: I believe it because I observe it). Such thinking leads to dry scholasticism, relying on the material rather than the spiritual. The goal of knowing God/It is not the vertical ascent of the Spirit that becomes divine, but the proof of the reality of the existence of Jesus, the search for Noah's Ark, and so on. Pagan atheists begin to see the DIVINE manifestation only in what they can materially observe (For example: I believe in the Sun and Moon because I see them). Hence the atavism of the Spirit, the simplification of the forms of understanding and experiencing God/The divine. In his works, Mircea Eliade introduces the concept of homo religiosus – a person who has a religious consciousness in the modern world. capable of experiencing not only empirical, but also mystical experience (theses denote as I believe, because inside me). Atheists who are incapable of the latter and more complex form of experiencing God/The Divine, on the basis of which the cult of interaction with it (religion) is built, begins to look for familiar forms of the material in it (religion). Hence their conclusions that this is done for mercantile purposes: money, power, etc.

  24. It is unlikely that atheists, like others who have their own opinions, consider their reasoning naive. Most likely, they consider naive those who believe in miracles. Although atheists also believe-in the fact that God does not exist, in the supreme mind, the laws of nature, etc.

  25. the question is a bit incorrect.what does naivety mean?I would put the question differently.do people realize their responsibility for their worldview?but here everything is much more interesting.many people,and not only atheists, believe that my life, that I want to and think so.and on the one hand, it seems to be correct,the right to have an opinion is given from above, but we forget that along with the right, God gave us responsibility for our lives.I don't know who this saying belongs to, but it doesn't matter.IN HELL, AS WELL AS IN HEAVEN, THERE WILL BE ONLY VOLUNTEERS.

  26. Yes, few people imagine the functions of religion. Religion is hope and comfort. It's fun to be an atheist until your parents or other loved one dies. That's when you know what it is. Everyone dies forever. Your life has a local meaning. There is no plan. But this does not negate the fact that you need to be a person. Moral guidelines for getting along with all the truths. Faith does not grant additional rights. The essence of religion is to reconcile a person with himself and the world around him. To reconcile, not to fight.

    So being an atheist is a heavy burden. Far from everyone's strength. Militant atheists also carry poison with their brusqueness, not understanding the reasons for people's conversion to the faith. Refusal to give everyone the opportunity to choose how to carry their own cross in life

  27. All the comparisons you have made, oddly enough, are absolutely correct: millionaires run after 1 ball to earn even more millions, politicians put pressure on the brain with all possible social dogmas, including religion, in Hollywood they shoot all sorts of nonsense to earn money and drive certain stereotypes into the population's brain, such as in Russia it always snows and bears and all drunks, and also to distract people from social problems.

    The religious believe in an omnipotent God who fulfills their personal desires. Moreover, they don't even read their own Bible, and if they do, they don't try to understand what this wise book tells them! How many of them read the Gospels carefully and thoughtfully? In two of them, Jesus sends the reader to the prophet Daniel, who points out that in the future Christ's Master will be killed again, and only on his third coming will he finally reign! But judging by the fact that all religious people exaggerate the Second Coming of Christ, no one reads the Bible carefully. Therefore, the counter-question is “Do religious people understand that the Bible and Religion are incompatible”? Or, for example, why do Christians have SO many rituals when none of them are mentioned in the Gospels? Do you follow the teachings of Christ or the instructions of the churchmen?

  28. The question sounds like an assessment, a rebuke of atheists.

    An atheist is a person who denies the existence of any gods.

    Everyone has the right to believe or disbelieve in the existence of God.

    Moreover, there is no clear definition of this concept. No one saw him.

    And atheists are basically people who are used to knowing, not believing. What is their naivety?

    You can say that if you don't see something, it doesn't mean that it isn't there.

    The atheists I know don't believe for one reason only: I haven't seen them, I don't know.

    I asked believers about God. No one gave a clear definition that would form a picture. After all, we have imaginative thinking. In other words, there should be a picture for each word. Otherwise, the head is spinning, emotions are not the best and a conversation about God turns almost into a quarrel and discord between close people. Therefore, it is probably better to keep silent about God and the choice of religions.

  29. do believers understand how far they are from God in their reasoning?… Ignorance is independent of faith, disbelief, and religion. And it does not matter if it is an atheist who does not understand that good and evil are purely religious concepts, or a believer who does not understand the meaning, and does not consider it necessary to follow… after all, we are all sinners.

  30. Do atheists understand that in addition to money and power, there is also the spiritual world, spiritual search, and higher values?

    You have a strange division: atheists are spiritless people who do not seek spirituality, but are engaged in purely pragmatic monetary affairs, and religious people are the most spiritual, the most honest, and the most-most…

    What is spirituality? Go to church and say prayers? Or help the old lady carry her bags home or move her across the street? Or feed the homeless, stand up for the weak, and don't lie in court?…

    Do you have to go to church or believe in God? Why do religious people (and others) do nasty things to each other, but ask God for forgiveness? Do atheists apologize to each other? Which of them is doing the right thing?

    And as, for example, in the United States or Mexico: families go to church on weekends, and then go out and start shooting each other off… Is this the kind of spirituality they gain? I'm not even talking about officials in all countries who go to church to gain spirituality and continue to rob their own people… And even more than that, I'm not talking about the Vatican cases, their homophobic habits, and their greed for profit… Where does spirituality come from?

    So the church and religion have nothing to do with it…

  31. Easy to answer. I do not know from which “atheists” you have heard enough of this, but. My grandfather, a communist and atheist, went through the entire Great Patriotic War. You will forgive him that he was not tormented by spiritual search, did not seek spiritual peace and search for the HIGHEST VALUE. He just went to defend the Soviet Union and the people who lived in it. And this is how it seems to me strange-a spiritless person, for no reason at all, condemned himself to 5 years of hell. And here, you're so soulful, what do you know about it?

  32. Naivety of judgment is a subjective assessment of a person. It appears when there is a lot of self-importance and confidence in the infallibility of one's opinion. Like “I'm so smart, I understand everything, but you're so naive” or “how naive I was, now I understand everything about you.”

    I assure you, atheists say the same thing about you. Here, they say, the naive ones have invented a God for themselves, as if it is impossible to practice spiritual things without him.

    It is useless to argue, everyone has their own picture of the world, and nothing can be proved here. You can just be interested in each other without judging, practice something together or side by side, enjoy each other.

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