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  1. Sidney Morgenbesser, an American philosopher of science, a researcher of Jewish logic, a well-known wit and part-time professor at the University of Columbia, once had a funny story. He was a pipe smoker. And then one day, leaving one of the stations of the New York subway, already at the exit, going up the steps, lit a pipe, a police officer who saw it made a remark to him, saying that smoking is forbidden, Morgenbesser noticed that he was leaving the subway, and not coming in.

    “No smoking allowed,” the cop repeated. — If I let you, I'll have to let everyone else!” – said the law enforcement officer.

    – Who do you think you are, Kant or something? * * * the Jewish logician from Columbia was indignant.�

    Needless to say, a policeman from the linear police department at the metro station heard in the name of a native of Konigsberg exactly what his education allowed, well, that is, cunt. Morgenbesser had to explain what he meant, and apparently this was enough to prevent escalation.

    So yes, Anglophones get confused, giggle. This is understandable because there are dozens of dialects in English and the difference between different phonemes in them can be elusive.

    *Who do you think you are, Kant?

  2. I don't know about Kant, but a similar example was in the movie “Getting to Know my Parents “(“Getting to Know the Fockers” 1,2)

    The main character was constantly joked about because of his last name (Faker), and he also had a terrible name Gaylord (which he shortened to Greg)

  3. In the American pronunciation, the difference between can't and cunt is absolutely obvious. But in British it is more difficult to notice – can't sounds a little longer and softer (kaant, roughly speaking), while cunt is pronounced quickly and firmly (the sound of “k” sounds almost like ” kh ” – kant).

  4. They just pronounce his last name according to the English reading rules – like Kant.

    And if you really approach the question in detail, then German [a] and English [ʌ] are slightly different sounds.

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