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  1. I think they do. Games develop attention, associative thinking, imagination, and working with people.

    These games are often used in large companies as one of the training sessions for employees.

  2. Board games have been played by humanity throughout its history. They reflect the trends of the eras when they were created. For example, go and chess – strategic thinking, analysis of the opponent's actions. The games mentioned in the question are so-called social games. In my opinion, they develop well the social skills of players that are relevant in the modern world, train imaginative thinking and communication.

    In addition, I know that many coaches and business coaches use Imaginarium cards when working with metaphors and in projective techniques. When a person thinks rationally, it can be difficult for him to delve into the essence of the problem. The metaphor allows you to overcome this barrier and help the client to deeply understand any issue.

  3. In general, any game activity has an impact on development. Whether it's the board games (table games) you listed, or any other games. The original meaning of games is not entertainment, but creating a comfortable environment for learning new skills. Any learning activity wrapped in a game shell gives better results than standard methods. That is why, as we wrote above, many companies use a game form of staff training.

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