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  1. What price does your price have? The problem with modern economists is that many of them (market-oriented) try to extrapolate their economic stereotypes to the whole world around them. But the life of each individual being can have its own model of economy, with its own value currency, with its own existential territory. What is good value in one economy may be cheap in another.

    Your price of life when converted to the currency of another person's understanding can either lose a lot or gain additional value. A lot depends on the situation, on the person.

    The price of life can also be estimated in hard currency, such as the gold of Jesus ' Sermon on the Mount. Or in the incombustible diamond of Buddha nature. In this situation, each life is equal to a unit of unconditional value.

  2. Yes and no.

    On the one hand, of course, the life of an outstanding neurosurgeon is more useful and all the more valuable than the gopnik from Biryulyovo, who drinks beer in liters and dies in a knife fight at 25.

    But here's the catch: this approach itself is flawed and leads nowhere. Because when we decide on the value of the lives of gopniks, homeless people, drug addicts and other, as they have already elegantly put it, “biomusor”, then we will have to rank housewives, actors, tennis players, cashiers, truckers, office managers, taxi drivers, senior sailors, librarians, IT specialists, dog handlers, authors of questions on Zekveshchen, bartenders and aunts in booths at metro escalators.

    Who is more valuable, a polyclinic receptionist or a neurosurgeon? Therapist or neurosurgeon? A neurologist or neurosurgeon? A heart surgeon or neurosurgeon? After all, someone will definitely be more valuable. I studied better, had fewer deaths, and had better human qualities. You will need to enter a scale based on the SRT, which will display the average coefficient..Oh, I think it was already in the Black Mirror, right?

    Those who preach the value of someone's life in absolute terms have simply never tried to develop this idea further than homeless people and drug addicts.

    And the idea of equal value of people – you need it first of all, the author. So that you can live in peace as you see fit, without fear that the guardians of the purity of humanity will come for you.

  3. There is already an answer to this question -even this was counted!

    If a person grew up in a good family and received a valuable education , its cost is high. And if you were born among a dozen brothers and sisters, grew up like a chicken on the street, is illiterate and has unpleasant ailments that are still unclear how to cure – then you understand!

    That is why if some catastrophe happens in an undeveloped country-this is one thing. And if in the developed one-then screams for the whole world! This is not entirely a matter of nationalism.

    Summary: Be born in the right place. Complete this elementary task first, and then you're done!

  4. Depends on the buyer and the exchange, let's just say. It determines the currency, and the purchase rate is formed by the exchange. But so� since humans are quite difficult to use as a material for semiconductors, currencies and their exchange rates are extremely dynamically changing. The asset is not eternal 😉

  5. If you don't look from the perspective of what he/she can give me,then a person's life is priceless. For me personally, everyone is equal. And some Croatian orphan named Zvonimir and an Arab sheikh named ibn-whatever-their-name-is-Sumar. At the moment of birth, we are all the same. And let the dealers deal with price tags.

  6. It depends on which side to look at 0_o.For example, in the Russian state, a person's life is regarded as a gift from God, which,if viewed from a reasonable point of view, is useless because it does not exist(rightly).In more developed countries, a person's life is equivalent to at least 100 Belarusian rubles.

  7. To be honest, I estimated the life of everyone at the price of property issued on a person, because personal qualities are a tool to earn property.

    And I will add that the initial price of a man is less than a woman, and this is due to the fact that a woman will still give birth to someone who will become rich and achieve success herself.(I confess: I took the idealogy with “a woman is more valuable” from the Titanic, when millionaires from the top classes sacrificed a place on a boat for women from cheaper classes).

  8. Priceless or devalued?

    When signing another contract with my employer, I paid attention to the price of my own life prescribed in it, it was 2,000,000 rubles, which is not a reason to think about what I really stand for (my mother said that I was a sweetheart, this means 2,569 rubles * 87,560 gr = 224,941,640 rubles, my management does not appreciate me).

    In 2015, at the request of the Russian government, economists and sociologists conducted a study in which they calculated the average cost of living in our country based on total economic losses. As a result, experts have determined that the total “cost” of human life, including moral damage, is 39 million rubles in Russia.

    The Center for Strategic Studies of Rosgosstrakh has been conducting sociological studies of the cost of human life for the past ten years, focusing on the opinion of the population. When conducting measurements, sociologists find out what amount of compensation for victims and their families is perceived by citizens as fair and sufficient. 7.8 thousand respondents took part in the 2015 survey. The average cost of a human life according to the survey results was 4.5 million rubles. This figure is close to the level of payments that victims of “high-profile” accidents and catastrophes receive.

    These two figures have become the most expensive for the budget of the Russian Federation in determining the cost of living of the “average” citizen. But there are many other interesting ways to determine the price of life, for example, I'll take my own.

    The total lifetime income (without any changes, until retirement age) was about 49,500,000.

    A very simple method, accessible to everyone, is based on probability theory and risk assessment. The probability of death during air travel is 0.00444%, the last time I purchased insurance for 600 rubles, so I estimated my life at 59,997,336 rubles, while the real insurance payment is many times less.

    * If we assume that the probability of dying under wheels while running across the street at a red light in an attempt to save one minute is about the same, it turns out that the average pedestrian estimates his life at about 368,000 rubles. With an average salary of approximately 35,369 rubles per month and a 40-hour working week, an average Russian's working time costs 3.68 rubles.

    And the most popular method of estimation is based on the use of the method of marginal analysis favored by economists. Researchers from the University of Chicago Orly Ashenfelter and Michael Greenstone drew attention to the fact that when in 1987 in the United States raised the permissible speed of movement on some highways, the average speed increased by 2%, and the number of accidents — by 35%. It turned out that for every 125�000 hours of working time saved, there was one death on the road. Consequently, the cost of living can be estimated at 76,976,562 rubles.

    Today, Russian legislation and the attitude to this issue brought up in society is based on the pricelessness of human life, which has led us to the fact that in the case of referring the issue to the court, the judge actually acts at his own discretion, limiting himself only to very abstract “requirements of reasonableness and justice”.

    And then this dogma of the pricelessness of human life simply devalues human life. The need to assess the amount of compensation depending on the situation (we are not talking here about the presence or absence of guilt) and the abstractness of the “requirements of reasonableness and justice” do not allow us to adequately protect a person. It makes no sense to invest money in roads and production facilities that are safe for people, if the responsibility is not clearly defined and under favorable circumstances, you can “get off” with the amount of 50 to 200 thousand rubles for the death of a person.

    Just like thousands of years ago, it is impossible to do without an assessment of life in the modern world. “The cost of human life is essentially the main indicator of socio-economic development, much more accurate than GDP per capita. As in any other market, the low price of a citizen's life means its unsatisfactory quality.”

    Information sources: works by Sergey Guriev, Pyotr Rudenko, Irina Fast.

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