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  1. In any educational institution, starting from elementary school, grades directly depend on how smart, roughly speaking, a person is, according to the current requirements at school/ college/university. Of course, good grades give a clear idea of the level of knowledge in a particular subject or field of activity, but this is not always the case. There are those who, for example, order works, or write them off all the time – of course, most of them have no idea what a particular subject is, and their level of knowledge in this subject will correspond, despite high scores. But on the other hand, there are those among them who know for sure and are sure that this knowledge will not be useful to them, and these guys are just used to coping with difficulties in this way, having other resources at hand, for example, money. They are confident in themselves, know what they will do in the future and what they want from life. So they don't go after good grades if they don't have to. Their level of knowledge within the educational system is not high enough, but they are definitely not stupid, because of their rational behavior. There are also children and teenagers who are unable to study, but this is a completely different question…

    So, in most cases, grades give an idea of the level of knowledge, but not always grades are an indicator of intellectual abilities.

  2. I had three books in literature, although in the 11th grade I read about 100 books of world literature,I just didn't want to read some works that I didn't like very much ,and I was considered a slacker by the teacher.That's the whole point of оценок grades,I'll pretend that school is a” factory ” of the consumer ,and if you want to восп cultivate a personality, stop paying attention to such nonsense as grades.School should not interfere with your development.

  3. Grades are terribly subjective. How many times have I seen that the highest score for a lesson is thought out not by the one who thinks, but by the one who gives the answer that the teacher is waiting for. Or here is an example, when at the winter session, a person on the test in a subject gets a five automatically, and in the next semester asks the students for tickets and how they know all these things in general. You can get a bad grade in one subject that you are not given, and a good one in another, for example, but you will still remain a C-student in the eyes of others. Sorry, this topic has been causing me burning indignation since the eighth grade, but I thought that grades and knowledge are not worth it, and I will continue to count.

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