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  1. Yes, all federal channels have something similar, but in a different format and genre. On Russia 24 – this is news, the First-also news and horror stories about GMOs, on NTV – these are funny stories about the lives of celebrities. But REN-TV has decided to make a soriginal move. A kind of creativity from the Kremlin… And they believe in the main thing – that the people get it.

  2. And why should they believe in it? The program is custom-made, the channel just wants to cut down the dough and fill the air with something. So I think it's just a business, not a belief in extraterrestrials who have been scouting the Earth for centuries and can't possibly attack.

  3. All purely for the sake of money, this nonsense is not believed not only by the creators, but also by the participants of the program. I was shocked when I saw our teacher on Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome in one of these programs. He seriously claimed that aliens arrived on Earth 7 thousand years ago. I know this teacher, I went to his lectures, wrote his term paper, he is a doctor of science and will definitely not suffer from such nonsense. He was just well paid 🙂

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