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  1. Something's happened to my memory,
    Everything that was not with me-I remember.

    The question goes back to yesterday's news, which said that the new children's Ombudsman, in addition to his Orthodox beliefs, also believes in Telegonia.�

    First, the uterus is an organ consisting of several different tissues: epithelial, muscular, and others. None of the tissues that make up the uterus form structures that are capable of learning and remembering. This function is performed in the body of a reasonable person only by neurons connected in a rather intricate network. Their localization, as we understand it, to put it mildly, does not coincide with the uterus.

    Secondly, the cells in our body are constantly being updated. And if, in answering this question, we talk about memory, then we must admit that we should not talk about the memory of the cell, but about the coordinated work of cellular structures in which cells “communicate” with each other, which again leads us exclusively to neural networks. We've just been there 🙂 It's not there.

    Third, to mention telegony (which is still implied in this question, given the news context), we must then recognize that after contact in adolescence with the sperm of the first partner, the DNA in the uterine cells must somehow change (i.e., horizontal gene transfer must occur), then this mutation must spread to the ovaries (i.e., the uterus has nothing to do with it). And as a result, the genes of all subsequent eggs must contain the genes of the first partner (and all subsequent ones). If such a mechanism of gene transfer existed, we would also acquire the traits of the foods we eat.

    Apologists for telegony refer to the fact that the mentioned effect is observed in dogs, and “every breeder knows this.” But there is no medical or scientific evidence for this. And the quote given in the news by Kuznetsova (or the quote attributed to her, I don't know this): мат “uterine cells have information-wave memory” — can not be classified as anything other than selected enchanting anti-scientific nonsense.

  2. No. The function of cells is not to remember. They support the vital activity of the organ and reproduce themselves.

    The question is not entirely specific, but if you refer to the ideas of telegony, then they are completely unscientific.

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