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  1. Games are a tool. You can play to relax, compete with your friends, socialize, and, of course, develop your cognitive abilities. The whole question is how you do it.

    Using my own example, I can say that games helped me learn English.

    And games definitely have a place in everyday life. I recently read a good article about video games as an escapism tool. There is, of course, not so much praise for games, but for the question ” Do games have a place in life?” it answers quite well.

    I also want to add that it is hardly possible for a person who is fond of games to say that he lives his life incorrectly)

    upd. I just remembered an article I buried in Pocket) It covers the topic of the use of video games in medicine and psychotherapy, for the prevention and treatment of physical and mental ailments.

  2. Yes and yes. However, not all games. In principle, video games are a separate art form, along with literature, cinema, and so on. There are many genres of games, each of which has its own characteristics and can develop certain qualities. Shooters, for example, can help improve reaction, strategy-logical thinking, tactics, and if it's RTS (real-time strategy, where actions take place without stopping and not step-by-step), then reaction, to some extent, too, but games like non-linear RPGs or game series like The Walking Dead from Telltale Games can teach a lot, especially making difficult decisions.

    Since video games are an art form, they tell some kind of story (at least many, especially RPGs, which are closest to literary and cinematic works), which is where their main feature manifests itself: you act as the main character yourself (and in some games you can create it similar to yourself or whatever you like), and this often translates into the fact that you make your own decisions and influence the plot and how certain characters will treat you, and so on.

    In general, a lot more can be said about the advantages of video games, but I named the main ones for me.

  3. Games develop the brain-they make it think, make up tactics. And online shooters develop foreign languages, as you need to understand what your allies are saying.

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