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  1. There are 4 types of memory (motor, emotional, figurative and verbal). These are the genetically determined stages of its development that occur in this particular sequence.

    The earliest type is motor or motor memory, the initial expression is found in the first, motor conditioned reflexes of children, primarily in the peculiar conditioned reaction that occurs when a child is picked up in the feeding position. This reaction is observed already in the first month after birth.

    P. P. Blonsky attributes the beginning of emotional or affective memory, which is expressed in the appearance of an affective reaction before the direct action of the stimulus that causes it, to the first half of a child's life.

    The first beginnings of free recollection, which, according to Blonsky, would probably be the most cautious way to associate the beginning of imaginative memory, belong to them in the second year of life.

    The conclusions are obvious:)

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