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  1. If they are looking for it, then of course they need it.

    Justice is an evaluative concept, like “good” or” bad”, respectively, everyone decides for himself whether this justice is needed now or not.

    In fairness, as in any other assessment of the situation, there is an interesting feature:

    Justice exists only now and only for a specific person. In the next moment of time, this justice may not be fair.

    For example:

    If you are told at work that they will give you a bonus equal to your salary for the time you have spent overworked. You will think that this is a fair decision, because for you At this point in time, it isJustice. And if in a minute you find out that your partner, who worked the same amount of time as you, will receive 2 times the bonus, then your bonus will becomeNot justice.

    After that, you may think that you don't need such justice anymore 🙂

    Answer the question”Do we need justice?” only the person who asks this question can do it.

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