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  1. As the classic Kama Bullet used to say, ” I'll tell you, idleness is the devil's toy, that's the first thing. Secondly, do sports, do not smoke in the corners, shabit, jerk off, masturbate, which of course many people are the same, there are zhi, just idleness is a toy of the devil, I repeat hedgehogs well, the whole world will be against me I'm right hedgehogs I'm inspired by this hedgehogs and so boys do not lose your head first and all the best to you.”
    I absolutely agree with this expression, there is not even anything to add here, and as you know, you should not multiply things unnecessarily.

  2. Rather, I agree with this statement, no matter how many minuses are running up now) Promise yourself, idling, a person is in such an incomprehensible state that can not last forever! It is by doing nothing that a person understands what exactly he lacks and what exactly begins to depress him. Idling, a person rests, after which, as a rule, his work becomes even more productive.

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