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  1. There is nothing to agree or disagree with.

    Michael Joyce is an American writer and philologist, a pioneer of hypertext literature, that is, literature in which fragments of text refer to each other.

    In the early nineties, he foresaw the creation of a potentially infinite hypertext that anyone could complete.

    The authorship of such hypertext, and not authorship at all, he described with this beautiful metaphor, replicated later by Umberto Eco.

    Such hypertext is literally Wikipedia.

    That is, this metaphor describes what has become commonplace and banal.

    For example, as a jazz fan with twenty years of experience, I don't feel any” jazziness ” in my actions when I sit down to edit Wikipedia, and the potential infinity of it doesn't impress me. This does not mean that I disagree with the author of the quote, for thirty years the attitude towards such texts has simply changed.

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