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  1. I don't drink alcohol because I think it's unhealthy. Both nicotine, which kills a horse, and alcohol can kill all the living cells that a person has.

  2. I use it as a companion element for communicating with friends. But alcohol affects me in such a way that I can not drink for a month or two and live quietly at the same time. I can't stand vodka. I call beer ale, drink it no more than 1.5 liters per evening, and prefer dark varieties or English/Belgian classics. Although with all this, I consider myself a fan of different cider than ale. A special passion is Australian wines. I like to talk about them, and I like to” get my friends hooked ” on them. To summarize: drinking alcohol is not an end in itself.

  3. I use it, but I try in moderation. It's fun and entertaining, but it's also just a habit. However, the constant drunken fun quickly gets boring.

  4. In my school years I was a health worker. In my student days, when I was passionate about informal rock culture, I used a lot of alcohol. After a couple of years, I began to feel “changes in my head”: it became harder to concentrate, remember something or solve a problem. As a result, he gave up alcohol completely and did not drink for three years. However, the total withdrawal mode also has its drawbacks for a person with difficulties in establishing new social connections. As a result, I do not drink for half a year while I work, then I go to my friends in St. Petersburg, and there I unload my head and allow myself to rest. We just need harmony in everything

  5. Sometimes I use it. In life, I am paranoid and negative, and alcohol gives me fun, kindness and the opportunity not to look back at the consequences of the fact that I run a traffic light at a red light, and a traffic cop will appear from the corner with a fine of 200 rubles. Plus, I'm becoming terribly sociable and sociable, so much so that more than half of all my acquaintances happened only because a drunk got to the bottom of me.

  6. I don't use it, because I didn't like anything from alcohol to taste, and it's just not interesting. I got drunk only once, of course I liked the effect, there was lightness and indifference, but the impression did not hit me so much to become an amateur.

    I also once had an assumption that many people drink mainly for the company, which was partially confirmed by a survey of some friends. Some of my friends, like me, did not really like this business, but continued simply so as not to be white crows in the eyes of the team.

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