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  1. IN ALL CENTURIES, there was a firm rule/principle – preserving the secret of craft/technology-today it is called a trade secret, etc.

    Any author of a secret can and should protect their copyright.

    Civilization still lives in a world where everyone is trying to survive…

  2. Some knowledge can be toxic to an untrained carrier.

    For example, I had a man in my firm, about 50 years old, with a strong arm, who liked my clients, and I paid him a very good salary. He read Kiyosaki's book, and learned from it that business owners exploit employees and make wealth out of them.

    After the vacation, he came to me and said that I should take him as a partner, otherwise he would open the same company and work on his own.

    I laughed and said:

    • You don't know anything about advertising, you don't know how to create websites, you don't have experience in organizing purchases and businesses, managing finances and accounting. How are you going to work on your own?

    He replied:

    • I'll hire a director like you, and let him manage it all, and I'll go to clients and do the work.

    I didn't disappoint the man that hiring a higher-level person would probably leave him with no pants and no business, but I let him go into business anyway. I offered him to buy materials and equipment from me on good terms. He was surprised that I did not harm him and did not become his enemy: after all, he was going to go into the same business and compete with me, but he accepted the offer.

    Needless to say, he spent another 5 years trying to create a business?

    From greed (he began to save on workers and do more work himself), he tore off his back and undermined his health. His business never really worked out.

  3. I, or rather in me, have the knowledge of our ancestors based on the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and already 20 years of studying alternative (that is, real!)literature. history of the creation and development of Humanity on the planet Earth (Gaia). Vedic treatises contain a lot of scientific knowledge about the true structure of the Earth and the cosmos, which modern science of the 21st century has reached only recently or has not even approached them yet.

    I don'T hide it) But it is this KNOWLEDGE that almost no one in the modern world needs, no matter how sad it is…The entire modern world and the world after the global catastrophe of 1842 was brought up on monstrous (!) lies and lies in everything from real history to physics and astronomy.

    In your responses here on Yandex.Q: I try to convey this knowledge by applying it to specific questions from different people. The result is close to zero. The mind and Consciousness of many, many modern people, no matter what age, is mostly CLOSED and tightly…!

  4. No …quite the opposite! Well, you understand if you give something to someone at the wrong time, and out of order!? It will be extremely bad! Hit this baby with a toy, a worker with a shovel, a warrior with a sword! In due course, everyone will get their own tool!! We just need to wait a little longer.

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