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  1. My friend was convinced that quitting smoking is very easy, and so to prove to everyone and test his willpower, he started smoking. And so, first one cigarette a day, then increasing the “dose”, all this lasted for six months and at the end of the time, he must stop. A month later, there was a mild dependence on the outside, and three months later-complete dependence on cigarettes. Six months had passed, and he had smoked a lot in that time. As it turned out, quitting smoking is not so easy and it lasted for 3 months! Eventually he took over the addiction

  2. Big deal… is this willpower? Now, if a person died and then came back to life three years later, it would be a real proof of willpower.

    ps: it is impossible to defeat addiction, because addiction is not a subject. The challenge of “defeating addiction” is like the challenge of “outrunning your shadow”

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