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  1. Just after your suicide, your parents will go to hell.

    I worked with a couple. A young man of your age, worried about the non-reciprocity of a classmate, killed himself. The girl – well, no way. Uncomfortable, and frustrating, and flattering, maybe, but not really.�

    But the parents…�

    Listen, well, love without reciprocation – well, just love. It's much better than a life without love. You will suffer at 30 for the girl you broke up with as a child-OK.�

    But 99,(9)%, which is a long time ago no.�

    Life is huge, this is while you have all the experience of love-loss in a bunch over a three-year distance gathered.�

    It's too much to handle yourself – well, in the HDP to see a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Neshto on the next world is cooler.

  2. Well, someone should answer the essence of the question, I think.�

    Hell doesn't seem to matter. Well, in the sense of boiling cauldrons, like, should not be. But you can't just get away with it, because life doesn't end with death, and everything is subject to the law of cause and effect. Karma will eventually get you where you should be, and it's not a fact that the next time your consciousness will so successfully gather in the body of a schoolboy in love asking questions on TheQ. In general, the main feature of suicides due to an unresolved problem is that they do not solve it. You're going to run into it sooner or later. And it would be better if you ran into it quickly, because the drain from life can throw you back so that you still need to grow up to your current problems. And this growth can be quite unpleasant, not in the most wonderful conditions (which at the moment you have behind you).

    Everyone here is talking about your parents, and this is important to you. Since this is just the karmic weight that will drag you to the bottom.�

    In short. I advise you to wait a little longer and see if something can be done. It's not fun to just lose a couple of levels because you failed.

  3. Of course not, and anyone who says they know is deceiving you (with good intentions or out of stupidity). I would say that after death, existence continues (and where will it go), but in a simpler form. Probably, due to this simple form, time to more complex ones will pass relatively subjectively quickly, as for example, an unconscious person feels an hour as an instant. That is, probably very fast (tens of subjective years/hundreds as a minute) you will become something more complex, that is, an animal or a human, and maybe even a robot, if by that time robots will reproduce themselves from the material of the environment (which you will be if you are lucky).
    Although I can certainly make mistakes in the details, but the principle I'm sure will be like this.

  4. There is no hell. There will be a next life, but it is not known in whose body. Maybe in the body of an animal, a homeless ugly kitten, for example, which no one will ever take to live in a warm apartment or house (how many of them – hungry, cold and scabby-disappear on the street), or in the body of a chicken at a poultry farm, which will be raised to put in a tight cage, in which it is impossible even to turn around, These poor chickens never see the sun or the grass, and the sharp bars cut their paws to the blood. Watch the movie “Earthlings”, how animals live on livestock farms, and what people do with them. No one can guarantee that the next life will be better than this one. Even if you are reincarnated in a human body, you can be born in poor Africa, India (watch the video of how most of these people live), or in the destroyed countries of Libya, Syria and others, where militants are operating, where there is complete poverty and devastation. You can also be born blind or deaf, or even a freak in a family of drunks who will send you to a boarding school for the disabled. See what children live in orphanages and such boarding schools, for example, on the site “Children are waiting”. Normal ones there are no more than 30%. And if you don't go to boarding school, you can be beaten and starved, as often happens in families of alcoholics. And how many such children die from this! For God's sake, you can cite such examples ad infinitum! So much grief, pain and evil on Earth. Why don't we value our more or less prosperous lives? If it is not completely safe, make it so. Work hard, fight hard, believe in the best, and everything will be just like that. Just keep repeating, ” I'll be fine!” and be sure to believe it. And so it will definitely be! After all, our thoughts are material. All the best to you and all the people. Take care of your lives!

  5. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to say exactly one hundred percent about this, since people answer based on their acquired knowledge, but there is no guarantee that they, this knowledge, are correct.

    Based on my esoteric knowledge, I will say that suicidal people have such a problem : at the moment of death, their soul is captured, it is in someone else's power, it seems to them that the desire to die is their desire, but this is not so, this desire is imposed on them. At the moment of death of the physical body, the soul cannot return to the Original Source (where all souls come from), and since it is captured, this causes incredible suffering. This is what they call “hell.” So I don't recommend it. It is better to go back to the Original Source, and for this you need to live life, there is bliss.

  6. There are 2 most likely answers here.

    1. You will go to Hell.

    2. Non-existence.

    One is no better than the other. Live in pleasure and as long as possible and do good. Go to a psychiatrist. It will help you. If finances don't allow it, I've heard of many free courses and help organizations. We need you!

  7. Over the course of my long life, which was relatively long with the retirement of workers, there were about fifty suicides. Three dozen belong to fairly close friends and cronies. As a sensitive person, I experienced their passing away for a long time, and painfully searched for the reasons that prompted them to do this terrible act. The last suicide was a friend who was held on the ground for three days. There are cause-and-effect relationships, like in 50 years of poverty and terrible suicide notes. The creepy text doesn't disappear from your memory. They “left” because of love and family relationships, where there were no significant reasons for suicide. Hanged themselves, shot themselves, set themselves on fire in the car. Sometimes they were saved, but the suicidal syndrome is difficult to cure, and everything was repeated.

    The main reason is a banal drunkenness and winding up a decadent mood, although not a single alcoholic. There was no pofigizm and nihilism in its pure form. I have no right to scold the victims of my own idiocy, but I can't agree with their actions either.

    What is death? Is there a heaven or hell out there in another dimension?

    Death is a black void. Hell and heaven on earth. I've been through it all, felt it, and experienced it.

    For the great and righteous people who have gone to the “other world”, the paradise for their souls is our memory of them.

    A suicide introduces all his relatives, children, wives, and loved ones to hell. He is an egoist who thinks only of himself, but leaves a deep scar-a wound in the hearts of loved ones.

    It's hard to decide to commit suicide, but mentally ill people do it. There are no hopeless states in a person and there is always a way out of any life maze. Suicidal people do not think about the future of their relatives. And if they could feel their future sufferings, they would hardly have decided on a rash and deadly last step.

    There is a black mark for life and a painful feeling, for example, in children, parents and wives.

    Why should they taste the infernal torments of shame?

    The souls of suicides are lost and have no place. I've met ghosts before, and they exist, just like parallel worlds.

    Suicide is not euthanasia, but the most trivial meanness in relation to their living loved ones.

  8. The very wording of the question suggests that the author is in the framework of the Christian or one of the Abrahamic religions.

    Because religion is a set of rules that are most often obeyed by the fact of being born into a family that followed a similar version. So to speak, by silence.

    Then the question arises, what are the reasons for introducing this particular rule?

    In order not to be told about hardworking monks and their adherence to the rules, books, like music, are ordered by the person who pays.

    That is, to control the only handwritten version – the one with real power and money had no problems.

    So that's basically about suicides. The consolidation of this concept can be clearly traced in the history of printing, when tracing the fate of 300 copies, and even more so 1000, is an extremely difficult task.

    By the way, the first printer Fyodorov was expelled from Moscow and almost killed for heresy. And a set of Bibles in his version was scattered.

    The Apostle. Edition of Ivan Fyodorov 1546

    And so. The problem was that the universal biorobot, traction force and labor unit in the Middle Ages was not a horse at all.

    The driving force was man. And with the development of technology, it bred quite well on its own and was in comparative excess. Therefore, it was cheap and sold labor for three kopecks. Everything was fine.

    And without labor, the earth will not give birth. Point.

    Indians in the territory of the modern Philippines

    And then the plague strikes. People are dying. Somewhere left every eighth.

    The plague epidemic. Please note that the troops are stealing cattle. The clothes of the soldiers, by the way, are indistinguishable from the Russians.

    Another engraving about the plague.

    And now the land is there, and there is no one to work for it. The product resource doesn't work.

    The problem was solved in various ways, but mostly in one form or another by attaching to the ground. Serfdom, that is.

    At the same time, they made sure that the draft unit pulled to the end, and did not make a decision on voluntary withdrawal from bondage.

    There were great examples. Since the discoveries of Magellan and Columbus, entire island populations have made decisions not to breed or commit suicide. There are no more of these peoples. And we had to solve the problem – to import Negroes from Africa.

    Scene of Jews being burned during the plague. They were engaged in finances, kept debt receipts, and were not suitable for working in the fields. So here it is.

    And there are plenty of locals here. But the trouble is, they stopped breeding.

    These are no longer there

    Alligator hunting. They're also gone. There are no people.

    As for other versions of the code, it is enough to recall the cult of ritual suicide among the Samurai to bring another version of otosheniya to this process. Sepukku or hara-kiri.

    But Japan is a small country. There was always an abundance of population there. The person who made a mistake had no chance of maintaining his position .

    Choose your own version – it's up to you. There are many eternal books. And the version about hell is only in a couple of them.

    You can also remember about samsara.

  9. The earth plane is Hell, and here everything is cooked in it – from saints to sinners. It is here that events related to good and evil are modeled for us. The Soul here has the opportunity to achieve not just intelligence, but also Intelligence. Intelligent Man is the goal that our Monad must achieve at its fifth evolutionary stage of development of Consciousness and Self-awareness. The influence of Reality distorted by lies is deadly and therefore it pushes weak Souls to such actions, with Reason the Soul would not go to self-murder. It is one thing when dying occurs under the influence of karma and then karma will lift the Soul to higher realms, but another thing is from its free Will. For the Human Soul, our earth plane with its inert energies is dark and therefore it will be very difficult for it to be in the lower astral, where astral oblochki from dead people are wandering around and everything is stuffed with their fears and vices, this will be a continuation of hell for it, but worse, until the natural karmic period that was allotted to the body comes. There seems to be such a karmic rule, those who killed themselves in a previous life will be killed at the same age, so it's better not to strain karma for killing.

  10. Vladik! Unfortunately, it is so arranged that the most pain we get from the closest, it is very painful, but while alive there is a chance to fix it, otherwise it is hell ! Parents leave-an inevitability; medicine-memory, time, the realization that a piece of life through you will continue. Расст Broke up with your beloved � understand, �forgive… and maybe�…. �The child dies: it is eternal hell, madness, helplessness, eternal guilt, there is no chance , no chance at all…, neither in the present nor in the future. Children should bury their parents , but not the other way around. Try to make a little paradise in life! Good luck to you Vlad!

  11. Are you sure? that hell and / or heaven exist? maybe there will just be darkness, or vice versa, just light, and you will get there, and you will exist there forever

  12. There are many situations when suicide is entirely justified, and a person dies with the idea that he has done, for example, a feat, or protected himself or others from imminent misfortune, grief and suffering. This is suicide with the calm thought that the purpose is fulfilled, and life is not lived in vain. By the way, the Japanese say this very interestingly, “the true feat is only the one that has remained unknown.”

    But since you are dealing with blatantly parochial and transcendental concepts such as” soul”,” hell “and” heaven”, the existence of which, according to Popper, is a pure pseudoscientific fallacy, you can answer your question with any stream of similar heresy.

    However, I will tell you the following. Deliberate suicide, if you put aside the monstrous and irreparable damage it causes to people who care about you, is just a climax of the extreme degrees of three passions: sadness, despondency, and, surprise, surprise, pride.

    As you certainly know, all these wonderful soul movements are related to mortal sins.

    Judging by the tone of your question, a ticket to paradise in the suicide lottery will be quite difficult for you to pull out.

    I offer you a unique short song, the text of which is a monologue of a man who is preparing to kill himself, being unable to survive the loss of love. The would-be killer deals only with God himself, trying to justify his inability to overcome his despondency in a very elegant and accessible way.

    The finale of the song is the message of the word of the soul, which has long since dried up, not finding the strength to find a way out. They are simple:





    Please live happily ever after and take care of your loved ones.

  13. It depends on what kind of suicide it is. If a samurai slashes his stomach open, I don't think it's hell. If a Viking wound his guts on a pole, then it was believed that he would hit Valhalla at a straight pace. Suicide out of cowardice and despair is not so much hell, I think, as just the next incarnation, where you have to solve exactly the same problems, only this time a little more difficult. And the depression won't go away. In general, for that matter, to feel comfortable after death, you need to pump in self-control and peace. And suicides have a bad state of mind, so it's far from a fact that self-abuse brings even a drop of relief.

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