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  1. Who's plotting? Probably foreign agents purchased by the State Department? Or human rights defenders? Or maybe the deputy is a cleaner?

    Those bastards! Do they distribute appeals in Tiktok? Or on Echo!

    No, I guessed that Prilepin and Constantinople are rushing to power! Oh, they're not liberals! And who? Patriots! Right!

    But no matter what happens, the people will not forgive! He will sweep away the impostors as in 1612 and choose the right king! For the fifth time!

    1. Please specify who we are talking about. Who are the liberals who are plotting a coup, how this coup will have to happen.

    2. Who exactly should become the” new power ” of these overturned liberals?

    The opposition does not want a coup or a seizure of power, but rather the democratic coming to power of its candidate through fair and free elections. This is what it strives for.

    Why on earth would the people suddenly want to overthrow the elected president and the government appointed by him?

  2. I do not wish any harm to the author who used the term “Real People's Coup”, and I agree that it really exists.

    I read (from memory) “The History of a city” :”….. and the people again rushed to the bell tower. And threw Ivashka-Guboshlep and others off the roll…”

    That is, the mass is the mass because it is guided not by common sense, but by animal instincts. What happened, for example, on Khodynka.

    And therefore it is absolutely impossible to exclude that the arrival of the liberals will not lead to their defeat and a general massacre and the establishment of Nazism.

  3. Such a model has already occurred in 1917, and I believe that our special services really have such a plan ready. In other words, if a coup plot takes root and is nearing completion, under certain circumstances it can be allowed to happen, force everyone to open up, collect evidence on them, and then carry out a counter-coup, in which it will be possible to invest even more social reforms, as it was in October. But then the country was very weakened, and in fact the period of instability lasted for another two decades-until the Constitution of 1936.

  4. I seriously think that there are no “real popular coups”.

    For the correct example given, which will make me reconsider the doctrine of the most real “real popular coups”, I will be very grateful.

    Of course, these include only those who were supported by the majority of the PEOPLE, and not those who claim to act “on their behalf”.

    (After all, the article “Actions in the interest of others” contains a fairly precise definition of such an action (“must be performed based on the obvious benefit or benefit and the actual or probable intentions of the person concerned and with the necessary care and prudence in the circumstances of the case”) and subject to an unambiguous condition (“in order to prevent harm to his person or property” (“HIM” in this case means people))!).

    I look forward to seeing examples that will make me burst into tears from the realization of my own ignorance of “real popular coups”.

  5. As far as I know, the liberals are not planning any coup. If it does happen, it will most likely be in the Kremlin itself, after which there will be a gradual change of course. In which direction, the big question is.
    As for the second part of the question, as a representative of this very people, I can say that the people have porridge in their heads, and not vegetable, but the most that neither is of television origin. With an absolute lack of understanding of even the most basic fundamentals of the economy(and an absolute reluctance to understand them), they decide who we need-Stalin, Brezhnev or Andropov-as if their decision can really resurrect someone and throw the country back half a century.
    What will they do with this power when they get it? Should I dig Stalin or Brezhnev out of the grave? So they will fight when choosing who to dig first.

  6. When was the last time you saw people here? at least some movement? about 30 years ago?

    you can't do anything to our people, but it's normal for them. take away your pension, ruin medicine, ruin your education.. they make a noise and bow their heads and go on.

  7. According to the old Russian tradition, the people are silent. Even the very word “people”is being replaced by the population, the electorate , and many other inventions. The repressive apparatus is inflated to an incredible size. For every protester, there are up to three “appeasers”

  8. Actually, in 1917 it was about the same. The liberals who came to power were unable to manage the state, and the Bolsheviks simply had to do something about this mess. But there were people there, not even the current poor ones.

  9. Swallowed:

    • raising the retirement age and withdrawing part of pensions,

    • endless price increases in stores, gasoline, and utilities,

    • double collapse of the ruble,

    • 10x increase in dollar billionaires,

    • palaces and yachts for officials,

    • rampant growth of corruption.

    But we will sweep away anyone who dares to raise our standard of living and welfare, give us the opportunity to live and earn money, reduce taxes, improve health care and education.

    For such cases, we will hang them on lampposts.

    And if someone actually raises pensions instead of prices and finally returns the previous retirement age, then we don't know what we will do with such a freak…

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