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  1. Art is one of the ways to express yourself, and the tendency to do something can be developed through interest and involvement. Simply put, if a person has a desire to create, create painting or any other kind of visual art, then he has a tendency to creative activity.

    Here it all depends on what goal a person sets for himself. If they want to create for themselves: there are no barriers at all, everyone has the right to create and convey their own inner experiences through art. And, as we know, art can be completely different, starting from academic drawing with the most subtle transitions of tones, ending with naive art of primitivism, sometimes resembling children's creativity.

    If a person wants to become a visible and important artist in the community, they need to work hard. Even if, as you say, he doesn't have the inclination, he can offer the world a whole new perspective or approach to art. Today, art has almost no borders. A performative act, where people use actions to express ideas, or land art, in which the master is in close interaction with nature – all these are different facets of art and ways of expressing the artist's “I”. A person who wants to make art needs to understand in what direction they want to develop and work on it: comparing, studying, and, of course, creating something of their own.

  2. Unfortunately, art is rapidly losing the necessary “level” in society. The level of art is getting lower. And when will the current children grow up, brought up on roller skates, clips, memes, not used to fully express their thoughts, but to use a dictionary like Ellochka the Cannibal… they will simply cease to perceive real art, being content with “consumer goods”. Regarding the question… If you do it for yourself as a hobby, no one will forbid it. If you want to go public, you must first gain experience and understand the responsibility of the other person. that you will be involved in shaping the taste of those who will see or hear your creation.

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