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  1. I have a grandmother who is 80 years old. It is my source of general information about my life before.

    She is convinced that now is the best time she has ever lived. And I believe her.

    Cruel is the death penalty as a norm of everyday life. Until the 80s of the 20th century – a common phenomenon in the civilized world, in the UK, it seems, until the age of 82, people were completely hanged.

    Cruelly – this is when if you were born with any birth defect-you are waiting for the circus of freaks (which lasted until the end of the 70s of the last century).

    And finally, there was even some research that humanity becomes only more humane over time, and not vice versa.

    This is where everyone talks about human rights and all that… But even in the days of our grandmothers, the idea of equal human rights was generally not even generally accepted.

  2. The times were always DIFFERENT everywhere. And in the best times in prisons, evil criminals pressed each other. and in the most severe and cruel times, there were forgotten small villages where people peacefully enjoyed life. What people are like – so is the life around them.

    The happy childhood of children playing on a green lawn in Denmark or Finland differs from the hungry childhood of dark-skinned kids in Nigeria or Harlem residents only in one thing-the mentality of their parents.

  3. A hard time is when in hungry Leningrad, in order to save a person from starvation, he was sent to the front, and a cynical time, when there some went to work in the morning, and the dead were taken to the cemetery overnight on a sled. This is if the forces were enough to take away, or even lived next to the corpse for more than one week, starting to treat the body of the deceased as an interior item, sometimes leaving a towel or plate on it.

    In general, of course, everyone determines the “rigidity” of the surrounding times-Ukrainians, for example, during the time of Yanukovych “had a tough life”, and they then did not get out of Turkey and Egypt, and now they go to the Russian Federation to earn money and “do not tweet”.

    But the main thing is to always remember that it's just as bad as it gets, and it can always be worse. And very easy!

  4. Not true.People make times tough.Recently I looked up in Ozhegov's dictionary: “choose-ELECT by voting.” It seems to be the same thing.

    But “selected” and “selected” are no longer there.”The chosen one is the best, distinguished by something. among others, privileged.”Oh how! And when

    The person chosen to fulfill the hopes of other people after a while begins to consider himself the CHOSEN ONE, the messenger of God on Earth, and when trying to change the usual course of things, he begins to use all the permitted, and more often illegal ways,and then cruel times come…

  5. And I think everything is relative. Who is “we”? Russians or in general people living in 2016? If in general, then the time can not be as for me bad or good. There may be a bad or good situation or situation in the country. Today we live normally, but for example in Africa, people were starving and are still starving. Or in Syria, which is an unfavorable time.�

    In general, people tend to complain and focus on the disadvantages. (this is bad, this is bad, this is bad and this is bad, so we live in a bad time. But they forgot all the disadvantages of the USSR and remember only the pros(everyone had a job and now they don't, etc.))

  6. I agree with you, Sergey. I was a schoolboy in the 90s and I remember that time very well. A small town, with a job for parents-seams. Empty macaroni and bread to buy half a loaf. Then the beginning of zero and I'm already a teenager. Constant stabbing. Two friends died of overdoses, two in prison, and one was found out… Scribe, comrade)))). Therefore, those 20-year-olds who first read the Internet, who yell in their voices that we have pi*dec in our country, I want to slap the back of the head. And also for those who are ready to fry a shish kebab on an eternal flame, without imagining how it is to live half-starved and work for 12 hours, so that the country can be rebuilt after the war. So, we don't live in such a cruel time. Cynical? Yes. Selfish? Yes. I don't know which is worse: a criminal with a knife who takes away the phone or a person who looks at it indifferently from the side.

  7. Well, how to say it.
    Regarding past times, we are all in chocolate.
    This includes anesthesia at the dentist, the Internet, and a huge choice in nutrition… you can continue indefinitely.
    A modern young person in Russia can move anywhere and live any way he wants, if he wants to.

    Another thing is that man is a nasty and adaptable creature. And both to the bad and to the good.
    Therefore, despite the incredible standard of living and a great time to live-a person who was already born in it and did not know anything else – will not appreciate it.
    So, regarding a person, any time in which he lives is the best.

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