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  1. The idea of reincarnation raises a complex philosophical question: “Who am I?” If a person's memory is changed, will they still be the same, or will they be a completely different person? We are not ourselves from the past, often, you, who was ten years ago, and you are now different personalities. There is also the influence of hormones on the psyche and behavior, that is, the body affects the mind. And what happens if a person changes his body, memories, and mental abilities (I'm talking about animals)? Therefore, I believe that the soul does not exist, since its existence cannot be distinguished from existence, in other words, it is like an invisible and immaterial unicorn, which right now also reads my answer from your device)))

    And so I would like to live forever, but remembering all the past.

  2. Not that it's not interesting. In order to live forever, it is better to be reforged into a cyborg, stand on a mountain of human skulls and shoot sparrows with a streaming blaster! At the same time, make an ominous laugh of the villain!

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