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  1. The head does not feel pain at the moment of impact, if it is cut off in a second by the hand of an experienced executioner. I guess so, remembering my hand cuts in the kitchen. Pain sensations come after. In addition, it was noticed that if the pain reaches its peak, its blocking is triggered in the body. So women at the last stage of labor lose sensitivity due to excessive stretching of the tissues. The human body is so perfect that it provides for all life situations.

  2. I think that it depends on the hangman's skill,knowledge of their business.And from the executed person.If I had been executed, I would probably have prepared myself emotionally first of all,knelt straight,put my head on the block and stood straight without moving or twitching, so that the executioner would not miss.And on the right, the neck should be bare, the hair tied in a bun.Everything will be fast and without pain.By the way, in the old days, the condemned man traditionally greeted the executioner and handed him a breast cross or coins

  3. Maybe everyone feels pain but it's terrible to watch now people are animals. How can you kill a person especially with a knife it's very creepy and terrible

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