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  1. I certainly haven't delved much into the methodology of a bunch of studies on this issue, but most of them claim that the volume of gray matter decreases when taking neuroleptics. BUT the reception must be long (years). In order not to be unfounded below are a few links to these publications:


  2. The volume of the brain changes due to some serious diseases or brain injuries, but drugs or narcotic drugs do not change the volume of the brain, although some substances can still damage brain cells . Here the question arises, and in what sense do you use the phrase “brain volume”?: is it in liters, in the number of nerve cells, or in the amount of information stored?

  3. You can search for research. Since the question is asked to those who may be taking antipsychotics, the answer will be unethical, as it may lead to the option of taking or refusing drugs. There are risks and benefits to using any powerful medication. What is more important in context is accepted.

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