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  1. “Our traditional ideas about the nature and essence of consciousness are at the level of children's ideas. They are primitive, crude, and not suitable to explain the true nature of consciousness.” Consciousness is not generated by the brain, it is not localized in the person and is not fixed in time. Consciousness is eternal!!! The material world is not material-it is nothing but an illusion generated by energy. With respect.

  2. If a person is unconscious, then the reality of the surrounding world is not a question for him.

    People who are conscious can live side by side, in the same physical reality , but their perception of this reality can be diametrically opposite. one will have nasty weather, and the other will have spring outside…

    The question is simply not specific: what kind of consciousness, what kind of reality…

    and most importantly-they forgot to put a comma 🙂 – the reverse question also takes place:)

  3. The most correct and short answer. The process of realizing reality is possible only with the help of consciousness, with the participation of the mind in drawing up analogies based on three methods of cognition combined: The first method – using samples from authoritative sources, the second – logical thinking of the mind, and the third – physical capabilities or sensory perception. If in the process of matching the mind, at least one of the three methods did not work, then the mind cannot accurately determine the reality. Conclusion: Only with the help of consciousness(a combination of three methods of cognition), the mind as an instrument determines reality.
    P.S. “Reasonable”- a person who is correctly aware of reality.

  4. Yes, this is the position taken by representatives of idealism in this “philosophical” question. As the German philosopher Fichte admits (to himself):”But even now I constantly hear only about the definitions of consciousness that exist in being, about the system of consciousness that exists in being, and so on.”

    At the same time, we mean the existence of <universal> (world) consciousness, which acts as the basis of each human (individual) consciousness.

    Of course, all of them proceed from the understanding of the corresponding (according to them) world order, when non-corporeal entities (Mind, ideas…) are the cause of the natural, i.e., everything material.

    Materialists have their own “faith” – only, i.e., only the natural and material exist primarily, and consciousness (soul, ideas…) arise as a derivative of them or are just properties of the higher forms of existence of this (material). philosophy-vopros.ru

  5. Yes. The mind provides the choice of what to consider as reality and what to consider as illusion, what to consider as truth, what to consider as life values, what to believe and what to consider as false beliefs.

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