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  1. Things happen. We will not touch on the post-Soviet space or Europe now, given that some people may be allergic to it. Or rather, let's take an example from the XVII century with England. In 1688, King James II Stewart (in English, James, if anything) ruled there. The man was not the most intelligent, and even the example of his own father, who was beheaded, did not teach him anything. He did not make friends with the parliament, openly prepared the restoration of Catholicism, and the redistribution of property. They say that he encouraged the “komprachikos”, and gave them the children of undesirable nobles (they disfigured them and showed them to the public for entertainment). In general, he got everyone, and even his own daughter Maria. As a result, the Dutch ruler, Prince William of Orange (who was also her husband), was called from across the sea, and he landed with the army. He repeated, one might say, the success of his namesake from the XI century. James II was told: “Come on, goodbye!” He fled the country, and then for a long time tried, including by military means, to restore his power. And his descendants also brawled. Not fortanulo (S.). And this coup was called the “Glorious Revolution”. Because the famous “Bill of Rights”, one of the key legislative acts on which British democracy is based, was adopted, among other things.

  2. Things happen. When the new government sweeps away the old one, it often gives the people some nishtyaki, such as “land to the peasants”, to increase its own stability. Then the government will be bureaucratized and will differ little from the previous one, except for the change of elites.

  3. In what units is the quality of power measured?

    To compare something, you need to learn how to measure it. Or at least fairly objectively evaluate it.

    But in relation to any government, you can find the whole range of assessments from CHEERS to SHAME. So all this is absolutely subjective and says more about the evaluator than about the evaluated person.

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