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  1. What was the point of never drinking before?

    What has changed?

    What advantages do you expect if you start?

    What are the risks?

    These are questions that only you can answer for yourself.

    Anyone else will give THEIR answers. About ME, not about you.

  2. I don't think it makes any sense at all. You are healthy, so why would you want to undermine your health even if you start drinking moderately? I believe, don't start doing this!!! Alcohol is the strongest POISON AND POISON!!!

  3. It is the same as in any experience of trying out something new and unusual – you will understand what it is, try it, and form your attitude based on your own, and not someone else's, experience. Try a lot of delicious things. Find out what alcohol tastes like in drinks, so that no one will pour you alcohol without your knowledge, and at the same time understand if you have any unpleasant side that manifests itself in drinking. Learn how meat is marinated right in your mouth when you wash it down with wine, for example, or how fun it is to make mulled wine. And how hops smell (as soon as they don't smell!). And how cozy it is to sit in a quiet bar. And how whimsically the components of cocktails are combined. And how gin smells like a Christmas tree, and how you can not recognize yourself after three shots of tequila, or vice versa, gracefully melt your consciousness with a good clean vodka. At all kinds of feasts and corporate parties, you will have complete freedom – either to drink in three throats, or to drink purely symbolically, and society will not shame you. And in general, if you refuse to drink with the words “I know my norm and I won't do it again” or “No, I'm sorry, I feel bad from cognac” – they will understand you, but”I never drink, because I just don't drink” can cause negative emotions.
    Well, if you ask yourself this question, then you are more careful than a schoolboy who throws up port wine and then pukes in the bushes. So (I hope) you will be able to treat alcohol responsibly and learn its advantages, avoiding the disadvantages. Drink wisely, in short.

  4. There is. You will get a lot of new sensations (not always pleasant), you will have a lot of fun when you fill your virgin body with alcohol and generally get drunk sometimes very, very cool. The main thing is not to drink every day, otherwise it gets boring and will not be the same.

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