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  1. The use of any psychoactive substances increases the risk of developing a secondary diagnosis, including schizophrenia. Long-term use of marijuana makes a person, simply put, ” stupid.” In rare cases, it causes hallucinations, so there is still a risk.

  2. Affect.
    Often, the first developed attack of the disease (the transition from a latent course to an explicit one) occurs precisely as a result of the use of narcotic drugs

  3. There is no substance more destructive and harmful to the human brain than C2H5OH. And crippled destinies for several centuries to come, unlike marijuana. And they do not legalize cannabis in our country just because it is a feeding trough for both the legislative and executive authorities and a way out of the shadows – it's like getting into their pocket for them.

  4. Schizophrenia is the open source code of our thinking, which opens up stronger when it is applied! Schizophrenia is the corners of certain areas of the Brain that are blocked for a person when they are sober! This means that a sober person is a weak processor, compared to the one who is under Marijuana! I can say this, if you want to know the truth more strongly, your brain potential and so on, then you can not do without it! This is a wisdom herb that has been counted for many years! Schizophrenia allows you to connect with otherworldly Worlds that exist and have been talked about for a long time, even scientists! I believe that it blocks the Brainwashing that is now being massively practiced by the Government! But even without a pure Soul, this otherworldly world is also not allowed! It helps Good People to know the World more strongly than Without it, others will know it! All in moderation and with the mind, well, with a pure Heart!

  5. Does marijuana actually affect the appearance and development of schizophrenia? – No, it doesn't affect you. How can the factor that provokes the development of schizophrenia affect a ready-made schizophrenic? The bottom line is that the one who intends to “puff” is a complete “shizo”! And from “shizo” to “sizo” – one step.

  6. Cannabioids affect the human psyche in a variety of ways , including as antidepressants, and a person at the debut of sch experiences a strong fear and a drop in mental energy potential, which makes him grab at straws , sometimes it's marijuana . Outwardly, people associate schizophrenia and cannabioids .

  7. I think that it is not stronger than tobacco, and even more so alcohol! In my opinion, a drunk will lead to schizo faster than marijuana! And tobacco is generally legalized as a drug!

  8. The development of schizophrenia is influenced by 2 factors: heredity and external factors. That is, a person has received this gene.Under the influence of stressful situations, loneliness, apathy, he tries to close that “hole” in the brain.But by and large, it is impossible to say, since the clinic is reliably unknown.

    We can say that the influence of genes-yes, marijuana-no.

  9. Marijuana can trigger the development of schizophrenia in those who were already prone to it. And in a healthy person, nothing can cause schizophrenia.

  10. If you smoke every day, it affects. If you indulge sometimes, then no. There is no physical overlap, no breaks. And in the morning you do not suffer from anything, as after vodka.

  11. for schizophrenia as a disease, no specific symptoms were invented. However, this word has become quite convenient for declaring a person abnormal. You're schizophrenic-plain and simple. It is used by both ordinary mortals and psychiatrists. And if you say so , you can turn into a paranoid schizophrenic! No one knows what it is either, but it sounds clearly threatening! Run fast!; D

  12. For some reason, I thought that marijuana, on the contrary, cures schizophrenia.

    although to be honest, I still don't really understand what schizophrenia is in general.

    in general, to each his own

  13. What does schizophrenia have to do with it,it can easily develop from mental fatigue and be in the genes from birth,aksakals in Central Asia smoke for 70 years every day, something I haven't met a single schizophrenic, maybe close alcohol markets at once and see how many crazy people will appear by the evening,alcohol is much more terrible evil than marijuana,of course if you smoke a nickel a day on the tops of your that kayfozhorstvo does not lead to good,everything should be used in moderation

  14. Affects, and not only marijuana:

    Cannabis: increases the risk by 5.2 times.

    Alcohol: increases the risk by 3.4 times.

    Hallucinogenic drugs: increases the risk by 1.9 times.

    Sedatives: increases the risk by 1.7 times.

    Amphetamines: increases the risk by 1.24 times.

    Other substances: increases the risk by 2.8 times.

    At the same time, pregnant marijuana smokers increased the risk of their child's disease by 6 times, and fathers of children who smoked marijuana increased the risk of their children's disease by 5.5 times. Alcohol abuse by the mother before the birth of the child increased the risk of schizophrenia by 5.6 times.

    Source: http://schizophrenia.com/?p=793

  15. Restrictions are the same as for alcohol and other drugs not to use in childhood and adolescence. In adulthood, with caution to the consequences that require concentration of attention. Constant use is harmful in itself, as is smoking and drinking.

  16. Absolutely accurate! It affects you! 100% first, the person starts to lose reality. Secondly, he forgets and lives in his own illusions. And finally breaks away from reality.

  17. I would not separate marijuana from other drugs, the use of marijuana, as well as other psychoactive substances (other drugs, alcohol, nicotine) undoubtedly positively affect the development of schizophrenia and in general negatively affect the entire human health and mental state. These substances have a particularly negative impact on young people and women and have disastrous consequences. In a healthy body, a healthy mind.

  18. Hmm… or maybe schizophrenics are right about something, they just aren't like that and it's not the norm? I also hate the fact that I have to be social, live like everyone else I'm crazy?

  19. Affect. A person who voluntarily tries to change his mental state with the help of any means, any, is already disposed to mental disorders. The rest is just a matter of time.

  20. On the fastest manifestation of schizophrenia
    A bucket of drunk water can also work.and skydiving or not. A blow to the head, a knockout. Cheating wife, death of a mother, child, and so on and so forth.

  21. No.No more than household chemicals, which is stuffed with any house.But do not rush to rejoice.Research on the effects of marijuana and cannabioids on humans has not yet been completed.After a long break and bans, Harvard resumed scientific programs in this area.Perhaps it was the drug lobby that funded and pushed through the lifting of the ban on research.Because right now, the so-called pharmaceutical sale of marijuana is gaining momentum in the United States.But to date,it has been established for sure that long-term marijuana use leads to a decrease in cognitive abilities.Dementia, to put it simply.Yes, marijuana does not cause physiological dependence.But the so-called psychological one.The absence of the usual dose leads to mental breakdowns, irritability,and psychoemotional instability.Long-term use of cannabinoids leads to the death of brain cells,and as already mentioned-to dementia.

  22. In any case, it causes dementia or-whatever it is-dementia, in short, but 1000 times better-than vodka, the body of MODERN man is so arranged that-some kind of discharge is needed, so to speak, but marivanna is also not an option

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