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  1. There is not a single corner of space that is not permeated by material objects and fields.

    If you will, such a state is a form of existence of space. Space is inseparable from matter.

    Moreover, the space of three dimensions, along with the timeline, was generated by the matter released as a result of the Big Bang. Not virtual.

    If we mentally assume that we managed to somehow shield a certain local region of space from all existing fields, then it would simply “fall out” of our world. But nature took care of it.

    It is impossible to shield gravity! This is quite provable.

  2. The Cosmic Microwave Anisotropy Detector (WMAP), performing precise measurements of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background, determined that the average energy density in the universe is equal to the critical density (with an error of 0.5%). This is equivalent to a mass density of 9.9 x 10-3⁰ g / cm3, or only ~ 6 protons per cubic meter. Virtually the entire universe is filled with empty space.

  3. At the moment, such a place is not known. For even in the absence of physical matter, space is filled with tiny particles. Even a vacuum is not a void. It is filled with particles, in particular all-encompassing gravity, which in turn consists of gravitons:)

  4. modern physics treats matter as particles. no particles , no matter .. probably there you can also send the interaction of particles, waves, and other entanglement .. what the particles communicate with .. let it also be “physical” matter.

    in the original understanding, “matter is nature” is some natural manifestation, and not its parts or things .. Materialism is developed in Hinduism and it is different from “scientific”.

    the matter of Hindus consists of the GUNAS-protoelements (there are only three of them), in their final expression they cover the world of physical things, the world of energies, and the world of ideas .. that is, in this materialism, the idea is also matter.

    the gunas appear out of nothingness , as if from nowhere, although they always exist everywhere .. but after their manifestation, repeated stepwise mixing among themselves, they are established in the form of material objects (both material and substance) and in the form of energy substances (radiations, waves) and in the form of ideas (principles, information, etc.)

    thus, if we say that somewhere there is a void that is not yet occupied by anything, then we can say that the gunas are not manifested in this place .. and nothing prevents them from showing up there .. it turns out that matter is not there, but it is there, as it were, because it can always be formed there as if from nothing.

    maybe this picture gave some scientists an image of how bubbles inflate and burst in a huge void, each of which is the universe .. bubbles are not connected to each other, but they have the ability to inflate in this void, simply because they can.

  5. In my opinion, there is no answer to this question. Any answer will be pure fantasy, no matter who, science fiction writer or physicist. Such questions are built not on the basis of practice and experience of working with reality, but on the basis of various kinds of previously built symbolic structures, so the answers can only be symbolic, not tied to reality in any way.

  6. And what is absolute emptiness? Does it have a physical volume? No, there's nothing to measure it with. It cannot be detected because it neither emits nor reflects light. It is impossible to get into it. So it doesn't exist in our world.

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