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  1. Qualia is not recognized by all philosophers, many consider this category meaningless. The same is true of the categories of reality, and even more so of objectivity. Well, provability depends on what you accept as evidence. Proof criteria can be very different.

    The limit of philosophy was and still is the attitude to the four principles of thinking.

  2. There are some pictures of the world from which it is admittedly impossible to start. Solipsism, for example. The assumption that everything is false. The assumption that cognition is impossible. That there are no regularities, but only chance. Since you can't start from them, no one starts from them or develops them.

    We can say that methodological pluralism is considered quite generally accepted – those approaches that give results are good. In science, the “result” is something more or less clear, as a rule, a broad consensus is possible on whether it has been achieved, so the scientific methodology contains many generally accepted attitudes, which can be said to be a “picture of the world”.

  3. Well, this is such a shiba: why do we need provability of objective reality? What will it change? Will it save you from compulsive frustration?And dialectics has already proved everything, and Mo-Tzu before it, that there are no things that are completely objective or subjective, but there is a struggle of opposites. But some dreamers who did not understand the question continued to bang their heads against the wall, trying to prove that the wall was solid, and when they beat, they got a characteristic squelching sound: “qualia, qualia”. The wall was really hard enough to make your brain bleed.

    Well, as for the” limit ” of philosophy, this is not the 4 principles of graphomancy, but the phenomenon of existence. There is nothing beyond existence, and there is no philosophy either, of course. And even if you hallucinate that there is NOTHING There, it is neither cold nor hot, since there is no way to feel it at least somehow being within the boundaries of the real world. Since these things lie outside the Basis of reality and, accordingly, go beyond the axiomatic system of the real world.

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