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  1. Philosophy recognizes nothing. It does not recognize the presence of reason, it does not recognize the presence of nature, it does not recognize the presence of communication, it does not even recognize the presence of existence. And of course, it doesn't admit that it doesn't recognize something. If she admits something like that, then it's either some kind of trick, or it's not philosophy.

  2. Philosophy is the science of someone Higher. To know Him, you need to communicate with Him.

    Not about “someone”, but about “something”. Not about the “higher”, but about the “necessary”. This something may turn out to be someone, but no one has yet been able to prove the necessity of this. If we talk about metaphysics, then it is metaphysics because it is impossible to interact with it, it does not manifest itself empirically.

  3. Philosophy is concerned with elucidating (clarifying) the ultimate foundations of human life. Including the foundations of science. Science studies natural processes.

    In other words, science is possible if we assume that there are causal laws in the world and we can know them (these are assumptions revealed by philosophy). The world is naturally-causally organized (this view of the world was not always. There was a period when the world was perceived as supernaturally organized).

    In other words, the world “admits” a knowing being, and the world “admits” that it is a world can be understood. Classical science proceeds from a statement (also clarified by philosophy): we can scientifically talk about a world that is spatially unfolded, in this space there are no gaps (all sorts of” portals ” to other worlds) and it is homogeneous.

    A world in which there is an ideal (mind) cannot be scientifically investigated.

    Modern philosophy fixes in non-classical science the problem of objectivity, which it would seem has already been solved. The need to separate “objective/subjective” is a consequence of the introduction of the anthropic principle into science( Google it), and they also talk about the personal aspect in science. V. I. Vernadsky created the biosphere-noosphere theory.

    In this theory, he speaks of a spontaneous transition to the noosphere (a biosphere in which anthropogenic influence on it, with the help of science, is decisive). In other words, the question (problem) of objectivity in science has re-emerged. It is debatable.

  4. Great Scientists and Thinkers say that intuition is given to a person and a scientist as a hint, from Nature, to solve very difficult scientific and everyday tasks of life. There are already a lot of these and similar facts and communication channels. Nature is a Teacher many orders of magnitude smarter than man.

    This scientific and practical area is still underdeveloped.

    A very tragic and unwise fate of civilization has convincingly proved that a civilization cannot even live a very simple life – just live normally and culturally and qualitatively – at least at a satisfactory level, without a continuous series of wild catastrophes, wars, crime, etc.and so on. Today, civilization is already “successfully” standing on the edge of a precipice – and this is not all due to a very large mind and high culture.

  5. I read the article and I will say that the old song of Ludwig Wittgenstein that human language cannot describe the world is still alive. The world is alive. All living things are controlled by the mind. There is no way to separate the world from the mind.

  6. Hello.

    I think so, which is recognized if you have in mind some kind of mind, for example, yours or mine. How do they communicate? They use it. I use my mind, you use yours.

    If we are talking about a global mind, then it depends on the teaching. Just to clarify that this has nothing to do with God, since God is outside the world. Or we are talking about the Providence of God-but it is also unknowable. And the reasonableness of the world and its beauty are obvious to many. Although some (for example, Buddhists) consider the world to be chaos.

    And the Mind That created the universe is known not by philosophy, but by a pure heart and prayer. I wish you to communicate with Him and not look for another.

    God help us!

  7. There are thousands of philosophers. They have even more opinions. There are those who see reason in everything. There are those who deny the existence of reason in the world at all. There are those who say that there is only their one mind. There is no general philosophy.

  8. in Eastern philosophy, nature and reason (more precisely, consciousness, with which you can communicate) are separated. nature does not have consciousness, and a separate consciousness does not need communication, since a person has a “part” (or more precisely, a representation) of consciousness, you can talk to yourself, or with another person.

    in Hinduism-nature-praktiti, general consciousness-purusha, personal consciousness in man – atman.

  9. Philosophy recognizes the existence of Reason in nature.

    But, this comes not through communication with him, but by observing his work and realizing that life is both simple and complex at the same time.

    It seems that in real life, everything is very simple. I met a man of the other sex, hoed him, planted him, and now you have a son or daughter. Ubiquitous, everyday affairs.

    And very few people think about the fact that this is just one single cell, by constant division, it turns into a living person. how? Not in a homogeneous mass of identical cells, as in scientists in a petri dish. Just think – the same cell, here becomes a nail, here becomes a bone, here a brain cell, here an eye. Here the nervous system, there the skin or blood. Just one cell-it knows how to divide and where it needs to become the brain, where the nail, and where the eye.

    And the most interesting thing is that all this happens around the clock, without interrupting for a second, for several months in a row. While a person watches TV, talks on the phone, cooks borscht, cleans shoes, goes shopping.

    A “reasonable” person gets high and has fun, and those who perform all the most difficult work-around the clock, without interrupting for a second. With infinite knowledge, attention and love.

    Well, or a person went to nature, drank, had a barbecue, and made jokes-class! Everything is simple and fun.

    And there is no need to think about how the stomach digests meat without digesting itself? Who took care of this for you?

    All the incredibly complex aspects of your life are taken care of by someone else…

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