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  1. As a tutor who has been correcting students ' handwriting for several years, I answer: no. Bad handwriting only means that a person has not been taught to write in a good hand. The fact of having good or bad handwriting does not determine the speed of the brain and is not a consequence of the speed of the brain.

  2. The science of graphology suggests that handwriting primarily depends on the nervous system and the reaction of the muscles of the hands. Handwriting can change over time, for example, in moments of special emotional stress, it becomes worse. People with an eccentric, creative nature, thinkers, the brain really works faster than the hands, so this is partly true.

  3. Handwriting is a matter of habit. I used to have a neat handwriting at school. Then, I got into medicine and rolled))) Now, it's hard for me to force myself to write carefully, this requires additional concentration and attention. I write carefully only in documents

  4. In general, any person, even with the most legible handwriting, the brain works faster than the hands. Yes, it happens that while a person is finishing one sentence, five more appear in his head, then in a hurry the handwriting becomes illegible. But this is not the only reason for poor handwriting, it also depends on factors such as hand motor skills,writing skills, psycho-emotional state, and external conditions in which the writing process took place.

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