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  1. For mental activity, as for any other, a person spends energy, energy in simple terms is calories, calories are most often in foods rich in carbohydrates. Of course, sugar and everything sweet contains a large amount of carbohydrates, and therefore calories, often more than necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and other organs. Therefore, with low-carb diets, namely, with an incorrectly planned diet and a strong (!) caloric deficit, your body turns on the energy-saving mode, lethargy and drowsiness appear. Mental activity will also be reduced. Therefore, when a person switches to proper nutrition(it is the transition to proper nutrition, and not barbaric diets, after which you will gain weight again, and even with a margin), it is necessary that the calorie deficit is small. Then the energy saving mode is not turned on, and the body receives the missing energy by burning adipose tissue:)

  2. The brain consumes a lot of energy and does this exclusively at the expense of glucose. Muscles, for example, can use both glucose and fat. The amount of glucose in the brain is only enough for 10 minutes of a person's life. Therefore, the supply of glucose with blood is vital.

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