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  1. If you put the question correctly, then “How much does the body suffer from alcohol and how quickly does a person get stupid from it?” It is clear that the body definitely suffers, including the brain, and there is a corresponding diagnosis, alcoholic dementia. It all depends a lot on your gender and race. East Asians, for example, can hardly tolerate alcohol. As mentioned above, ethyl alcohol is broken down to acetic aldehyde by the enzyme alcohol dehydrolitase. Acetic aldehyde, in turn, is much more toxic than ethyl alcohol itself, it is broken down to harmless acetic acid by the enzyme aldehyde dehydrolitase. And here among these processes lies the whole point. In the Eastern peoples, the enzyme that breaks down alcohol is produced quickly, but the enzyme that converts aldehyde into acid is practically absent. Because of this, in some representatives, a hangover occurs a few hours after taking alcohol, respectively, the damage caused to the body in this case is maximum.

    But among the European peoples, especially the Northern and Eastern Slavs, the enzyme that converts acetic aldehyde to acid is just as active as the enzyme that converts alcohol to acetic aldehyde. In this regard, most representatives of these nations often claim that they do not even suffer from a hangover.�

    In this regard, it can be assumed that the effect of alcohol as a primary source on the body is very different, individually for each person. Alcohol definitely causes (with excessive use) irreversible harm to the entire body and brain, including, as evidenced by many diagnoses, but the rate of onset of severe consequences varies greatly, due to the individuality of each person.

  2. Ethyl alcohol is a toxic substance. 80-90% of ethyl alcohol is neutralized in the liver to acetic acid, which is a non-toxic substance. An intermediate product of neutralization is acetaldehyde, a substance that is potentially dangerous to the body's cells. The more ethyl alcohol enters the body, the more acetaldehyde is formed. This substance is responsible for hangover syndrome, memory impairment, liver and kidney damage, etc. acetaldehyde is an organic solvent, so it easily dissolves the lipids that make up the cell membrane, penetrating the cell, it binds to proteins, modifying their structure and making them unusable. Penetrating into brain cells, Acetaldehyde disrupts the work of memory proteins and neurotransmitters, gradually disrupting memory and leading to the death of brain cells. Nerve tissue belongs to a stationary population of cells, i.e. They don't share. Gradually, alcohol will destroy the entire body.

  3. Naturally tupeets, still and as tupeets. Alcohol radically affects the internal organs, in particular the stomach, liver, kidneys, brain, hence memory, nervous system, reflexes, concentration of attention is lost, mental development decreases, which leads to a degradation of the individual. It has long been proven that alcohol has only negative consequences for our body and mental state. Under the influence of alcohol, the cerebral cortex is destroyed and its parts gradually die off. In places of dead areas, cysts appear. Alcoholic beverages poison human life and cripple future offspring, which leads to the extinction of the nation, which can be observed in modern society with the naked eye. With every glass of wine or bottle you drink, germ cells are affected. The more alcohol consumed, the more cells suffer. These cells remain in the body for the entire duration of life, and at the time of fertilization, no one guarantees that a healthy egg will be involved. Thus, an oligophrenic, moron, or physically disabled child may be born.

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