2 Answers

  1. No.

    The essence of invisibility is that the whole body passes light rays through itself without changing them in any way.�

    The eyes see only because they absorb the light that pours on them. In a truly invisible person, the light in the eyes is not absorbed, but passes through.

    Therefore, an invisible person cannot see. Not your body, not anything else.

  2. Depends on the nature of invisibility. If, from a relatively scientific point of view, we speak of invisibility as the complete absence of pigment in all the tissues of the body, as Citizen H. G. Wells described this case, then no.

    If the source of invisibility is the tricks of vile demons and sorcerers, then most likely-yes. Although comrade Harry Potter, leaving his head uncovered by the invisibility cloak, did not see his body, since the cloak gives invis only to what is inside.

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