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  1. It works if people don't come from the street. I know that there are people on Instagram who gather groups of people who are passionate about contemporary art, negotiate with the artist and come to his workshop. For example, a group comes from Moscow to St. Petersburg and visits a couple of exhibitions and several workshops over the weekend. Such targeted sessions bring results in the form of new contacts, sold works (perhaps not immediately, not on the first visit), and so on.

  2. This depends on the PR channels used for this event. If you promote in your social networks, then it is expected that those who already know you will come. It will be most productive if the open day in your studio is part of a major festival that has a well-viewed website and social networks + a powerful PR department. But here the result already depends on many factors: the location of the workshop, the specifics of those who are your clients and what you sell to them (they may not be interested and uncomfortable with the format of visiting the workshop). Therefore, first you need to decide who your target audience is and adapt to their needs and interests.

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