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  1. In the book” Brave New World ” by O. Huxley published in 1932, the “Ilona Davydova method” is described, according to which we were very obsessively offered to study English in the 90s.

    This is me to the fact that for some reason, there are quite a lot of people who perceive the metaphor as reality, and the reality of our World that the author shows with the help of this metaphor, do not notice at all.

    The Wachowski brothers, in the movie” The Matrix ” show us that we already live in the matrix.

    A whole world pulled over your eyes to hide the truth.

    This is the declared freedom of choice, awareness, rationality. democracy, personality, equality before the law, equal opportunities, and other liberal values. Everything we believe in is a matrix. Without us, this whole system will collapse, without billions of the most ordinary people, there will be no billionaires, presidents and other agents supporting the system.

    And what is the truth, most people do not want to know, are not ready to accept, and if they are explained to them, society will begin to reject them, they will become antisocial elements. After all, there is no “chosen one”. No one can save us. There was hope for Marx, who first described the matrix. So what?

    The answers are given in the same trilogy:

    We have a law. We never free the minds of adults. It's dangerous. The mind cannot part with the familiar.

    You know, the first matrix was created as an ideal World where there is no suffering, where all people will be happy. And a complete failure…. I believe that humanity as a species does not accept reality without suffering and poverty. I.e. utopia is just a toy that your primitive mind is still playing with.

    I don't think I'm going to offer to know the truth like Morpheus did.

    Think ten times, do you want to take the red pill?

    After that, it will not be possible to return to a “normal” life .

  2. Yes, the Wachowski siblings blew up the world with their Matrix…I'll start from afar…I don't know how old you are, but in my youth this song was often played


    WHEN WE ARE UNITED WE ARE INVINCIBLE! What about now? Keep your distance, always muzzle. It's not just about COVID, PEOPLE are DIVIDED and driven into the Matrix…..You need to live here and now, enjoying every moment of life and holding on to your family and friends! Matrix or not, what's the difference? It is the fate of all of us to be born on the planet Earth….

  3. “Matrix” can be compared to working on a computer. There are high-level and low-level languages. The low level contains more complex areas like assembly language, machine instructions, and the bit instruction set. High-level languages are simple and form packages of machine instructions. It's easier, faster in time, and more wear-resistant to programming. Low-level languages write more efficient programs (but not always). but this is a long time and requires knowledge of additional disciplines.

    so. Now consider our lives. We walk on the ground. The sun warms us. We are swimming in the sea. On Friday we drink alcohol, today we are on a diet, taking vitamins. Life is wonderful. We feel, we realize, we philosophize. Just below the level, a slightly different job takes place. The organs work regularly, producing monotonous work that creates our enthusiasm, memory, and desires. The goal of this level is not to die. Further. Proteins and complex molecular complexes create equilibrium regimes so that our body receives the necessary energy to perform the task of “not dying”. The task of this level is one-energy supply (metabolism). Next comes the level of atoms and electrons. This level is extremely interesting, as there is a compilation of complex complexes, electron transport, exposure to radiation and radiation (even astrology). According to quantum entanglement, our particles (of which we are composed) the corresponding pairs are somewhere in the universe: a black hole, a sun, a quasar-the particles of these macrostructures can be part of our quantum pair. And so everything that surrounds us. Every element and every item.

    if you look at it separately, it is clear that there is work going on everywhere. Your own tasks. Elementary particles work to create mass, and atoms are assembled into molecules. Those in complex molecular complexes. then they get into the bloodstream and into some kind of center. Just because we decided to smell a flower. Or they ate chocolate. this is a top-down option.

    The matrix is the opposite – “Bottom – up”. For example, a black hole ripped apart a star, a quasar ejected a jet, Betelgeuse ejected matter, Jupiter entered the Third House, and Mercury went retrograde again. The complex of these events involves pairs of its particles along the quantum entanglement. And we start to react without fail. The acidity changes, the environment changes, molecular complexes change their structure (conformation), signal to the centers and we want to eat chocolate. Or we really want to smell a flower. Of course, this is all as simplistic as possible and criminally abstract for a scientist. But in order to understand what a matrix is and why people think about it seriously, I believe that I have defined it correctly.

    and now the answer to the question. Yes. Quite a good theory. But it is from the long-known category: “what happened before”: a cascade of events led to the desire to eat chocolate, or did it trigger a cascade of events?

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