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  1. Только если для вас

    а) важен именно и только конечный результат,

    б) ваша Я-концепция (представление о себе самом) включает только ваше телесное существование.

    По п. а). — Жизнь всё же — про процесс. Это как путешествие: как конечный итог вы обычно оказываетесь в начальной точке. Домой вернулись. Ну и зачем?.. — А вот ровно за тем же: за процессом путешествия, и за всем, что вы в процессе получали. Я обожаю путешествия. А вы?..

    По п. б). — Если вы верующий в тех или иных богов, в вашу Я-концепцию может входить та ваша часть, которая якобы будет существовать и после смерти.

    Но я тут даже не про это; подозреваю, что твёрдо верующие в бессмертную душу в России скорее экзотика, извините…

    А вот куда чаще люди в Я-концепцию включают своих детей и других близких, те или иные идеалы (“польза человечеству”, “благо Родины”, “долг” такой и сякой, и т.д.)

    Ну и тогда с личной смертью в представлении такого человека нет, “весь я не умру”, ничего не заканчивается.

    Идеалы дают большую пользу: они создают иллюзию бессмертия, в каком-то смысле. Серьёзно.

    – Кажется, у меня с п. б) никак; а вот удовольствия от процесса жизни у меня море.

    И именно прикосновения к мыслям о смерти делают удовольствие от процесса жизни прямо сейчас настолько глубоким и драгоценным. Путешествие завершится. Но сейчас я в пути. Ещё в пути. И это волшебно.

  2. Can thoughts of poverty devalue wealth? Conversely. They emphasize the value of every penny. See. Which is more expensive for you, a penny or a 5,000-ruble bill? Heh-heh. And for me, the ability to handle a penny. For the poor, a penny is like garbage. For the rich, 5,000 re = 500,000 kopecks. To get a million rubles, you need to collect ten kopecks from a thousand people. This is how mark-ups and promotions work in trading. Well, let's say in a hundred days. A hundred times ten kopecks is only 10 thousand rubles. So you need a hundred stores with a thousand customers, or ten stores with ten thousand purchases. Or collect garbage, scrap, or plastic a hundred times. Get around the apartments. Take away the gazelle garbage every day. Or a hundred times the 100% mark-up on a batch of socks in bulk. Just a hundred pairs of socks. It's the same with life. Young people think that they are rich in life and time. Ha-ha. But we, as experienced people, know that they don't know anything and can't do anything. After forty years, every five-year plan is like a lifetime. Because maturity always remembers death. And death helps to appreciate every minute. Do you remember the song about five minutes? An adult can do more in five minutes than a young man can do in five years. Young people have nothing but youth and a certificate. And what can they do? Not only can't, but they don't want to. Because they seem eternal to themselves. They have decades of work ahead of them. And they don't want to live like this. And they want to be the children of the elite and the rich. But alas, this is not the case. Therefore, it seems that you need to have fun, light up. Smart people spend their youth trying to get better and get on the best lists. This is the problem of life. Adult and mature choose-life and death. And therefore, they become responsible. Wise, businesslike, and serious. The strongest survive, the smartest win. But everything is relative. So good for our climate. Winter, swamp, cold rain, knee-deep mud. Either I paid for it, or I ended up homeless. Different logic in Africa. And life is different. You can spend your whole life not working. Wandering, begging, and living on the streets. What is life for Africans? The scuffle of insects. Came, and a wet place. That's how they live. They don't think about death. Because I have to get out of the house and look for lunch. But here, on the contrary, they think about death. Because you need to grab and run. Those who didn't make it were late. The doors close and the train leaves. Our cities have a different mindset. It starts from death. To live a better life.

  3. And does thinking about the device's uselessness devalue its price?

    Of course not, regardless of our opinion, this is unlikely to change anything, especially when we can not even imagine what to eat, especially when there is no money for food.

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