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  1. The volume of music and external sounds in general affects the intensity and strength of signals coming to the brain from the auditory organs. It is precisely the increased signal strength and, consequently, the increased energy consumption for its generation and processing that leads to fatigue.

  2. It depends on the channel of perception. The amount of information perceived by ear is strongly affected, because it drowns out, but it does not affect the perception of visual, tactile, etc. so much, because it only distracts, and attention can be returned.�

    The connection with fatigue is indirect. At first, loud music is invigorating: neurons are activated more strongly, which means that attention increases, the flow of information increases. But this situation cannot continue for a long time and fatigue takes its toll, which means that the flow of information decreases.

  3. Does the volume of music affect the amount of information received in the brain? Why do they say, “turn it down, I'm tired”?

    I want to raise the question not so much about the volume of music and its effect on the human brain, but about the erroneous general tendency of information delivery through sound.Earlier, when studying at the Institute, we students were given one of the main tasks:clear useful information from extraneous noise. Now,it seems that trends have changed dramatically and information is presented to listeners with maximum discomfort.At the same time,the noise pressure of specially mixed noise with useful information is often greater than the volume of announcers (presenters).It seems that the sound engineers have confused information broadcasting with the cacophony in discos!Sometimes in broadcasts, when the accompanying noises are suddenly turned off, you definitely feel a huge sense of relief.But-not for long-the noise takes its place in the program again.Often you want to listen to an interesting program,but you have to turn off the receiver (TV)- it is simply impossible to be constantly in suspense and spend so much energy to understand what the authors wanted to convey to the listener. Such programs (channels),of course,lose their ratings,and information that cost a lot of effort does not reach the listener.

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