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  1. Most likely, this is due to genetics, take a closer look at your ancestors, this is important. Secondly , your injuries and chronic diseases that are directly or indirectly related to neurology, which may affect the speed of transmission of impulses . The reasons are individual and specific. It is necessary to study not only the topic as a whole, but also yourself, your features. There are old people with an active psyche, reflexes and clarity of thinking, you are amazed. This is nothing but genetics. Everyone's reaction speed is different even when they are young. There are very inhibitory types, there are hyperactive ones. And there are factors that reduce this activity. They are both biochemical, physiological, and psychogenic. It is important to keep the brain in good shape, constantly train in a certain direction. You can have a medium or low reaction rate, but at the same time keep a large amount of information and details in your head. And you can not remember anything, but have a high reaction rate. Planning and forecasting is a whole quest.

  2. I'll tell you my story.I, of course, am not yet old, but I have been living with optic nerve atrophy (this is,to make it clearer, at the first stage,like walking with a plastic bag on my head,but relatively transparent,and at the last already in black) since the mid-noughties.About five years ago, I started actively playing sports, and over time,thanks to hearing, the reaction on the contrary increased.Now I don't see anything falling or moving,but my brain gives commands to my body.The main thing is not to wither and not to lose heart.

  3. In general, yes, but everything is not so clear. First, it is super-important to constantly train and be in good shape. Here you are looking at a man of 50-60 years old, some old fart, and he is better than you 10 times shoots and drives a car. There is also experience added to it. This also works with mental activity. Second, some people have a genetically faster reaction rate than others. In this case, you can still give in to them while training.

    By the way, there was one study that refuted the opinion that after the age of 30, the human brain regresses, reaching its peak. In 90% of the subjects, the peak of mental activity occurred at the age of 50 years and older. There are two main reasons for this: the first is that the brain of a person striving for self-development and self-improvement can produce new cells and create new effective neural networks even in old age, and the second is that experience allows people to spend their resources efficiently, with high efficiency, while young people are very often scattered and put more effort than the task requires.

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