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  1. Repeatedly. When my drug-addicted rabbit friend first picked up a syringe, the end of the drug marathon usually ended with washing all the bags, syringes, needles, spoons, boiling all the cotton rolls and cigarette filters, then stuffing the resulting filtered mud into the syringe and injecting it into the long-suffering vein.�

    Then the process was repeated, and the resulting secondary sludge was guaranteed not to contain a single milligram of the active substance. But the parish from her was! The fact that it contained nothing but garbage, the rabbit understood already when it was allowed. But there was a parish, the rabbit swears and swears. Nothing but the placebo effect can explain this.

  2. Well, you know, placebo cures diseases, but it is unlikely that you can use it to catch visualizations or euphoria. Not that it is unlikely, but definitely not)) I remember a funny case from my life associated with a narcotic placebo. Once, a boy I knew decided to make some milk oolong without knowing it.) We laughed for a long time at this fool, pretending that he was covered, caught glitches and talked nonsense. It was obvious that he was showing off in public. Only we didn't understand why: to prove to us that this is real weed or to convince us to try this stuff(tea) too.

  3. A placebo always works the same way. A trip can only be caught by someone who has already caught it and knows what to expect, for example, from weed. And accordingly, the one who did not yuzal grass, with green tea will not fly away.

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