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  1. Well, it didn't work out for you with the forms (well, you think so) and what? Do you think a normal guy would care about the size of your breasts? A normal man cares about your intelligence, sense of humor, hobbies, and a thousand other things more important than the size of your tits. If this is all right, then the topic of tits will go to the fore.

    That's real, to worry about such nonsense)) Why be shy then? In general, everything is fine, don't worry about it and put these bad thoughts out of your head!

  2. Dear anonymous, I am insanely in solidarity with you and your problem, because in my teens I took on a tough way to lose weight and, thus, did not allow hormones to work on the growth of the mammary glands. When all the girls began to round up in the chest area, it became insanely uncomfortable, such an inferiority complex and concern for the possibility of winning male sympathy began to develop.

    I will only say one thing – do not try to increase it, accept yourself all as it is, and the person who will be with you-despite the “izyan”(although it is not) will love every cell of your body!

  3. Because of the lack of breasts, you deprive yourself of even the opportunity to experience the joy of relationships. What exactly is so scary? That your partner will reject you when the candy-bouquet period is over and it comes to intimacy?
    Perhaps, if you decide on a relationship, then by this exciting moment your relationship will already be at a stage when shapes and sizes will not be in the first place.

    Why do you think so far away at once, immediately about sex? After all, relationships often develop for a long time, go through many pleasant stages in which you can open up to your partner as a person. And he will appreciate you!

    I wish you courage and meet a good person!

  4. What do I pay attention to when I meet a girl for the first time:

    1) A person. Just ordinary ,not necessarily supermodel appearance, but it is me in appearance that is often repelled by androgynous (male) features, I'm sorry.

    2) Buttocks. I've always been of the opinion that if a girl has a good ass, her breasts don't matter at all.�

    3) Breast. “it doesn't really matter if it's a perfect size three, but the trouble with the fifth point is that you don't need these breasts at all.�

    4) in the end, the most important thing is the character of a person, if you are psychotic or inadequate hysterical, but with a good figure-most likely they will want you only in the carnal sense of the word.�

    Don't worry) small breasts are often even a plus than a minus, ask around girls with a big bust, how comfortable it is for them to sleep on their stomach/run/jump and so on. There are also sooooo many guys who just love having small breasts. In short, such a small thing (I apologize for the pun) as small breasts does not at all repel the attention of guys from you.

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