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  1. Clearly, in this situation, you should contact your therapist or general practitioner to clarify the diagnosis. It may be a matter of dipression. Vitamins, sports, proper nutrition, healthy sleep and positive emotions are the basis for a good physical and psychoemotional state

  2. Go to the doctors. Good therapist, general tests, neurologist, nutritionist, psychotherapist. Simply because the problem may be in the body: a lack of mediators, a violation of the hormonal background, or even a banal lack of some vitamin or mineral. If you really do not want to go to the doctors, then drink at least a month course of vitamins, just not Russian, look for American or German good ones. I'm in November ” – February I save myself with amway vitamins, but I don't know what will suit you)

  3. “Chronic fatigue in the absence of work” is a very familiar condition. That's when you lie zucchini on the couch and do not want anything. For there is no strength, no mood at all…

    The way out is very simple-labor. To have something to get tired of. You just need to choose something exciting and interesting. Something radically new.

    You need a pleasant stress to shake yourself out of this cocoon.

  4. Go to the gym (if there are no contraindications). After a workout, you feel more cheerful, during it all thoughts disappear from your head. Initially, the brain perceives physical activity as stress, and, as a result, there is a release of endorphins – the hormones of happiness. In addition, physical activity has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, blood circulation in the brain, and cognitive abilities directly depend on this.

  5. Try to become necessary to someone. “If you feel bad, help someone who is even worse.” If you are a man, check whether you are responsible enough and fully for those who are physically weaker than you: the elderly, women, and children. Are you developing spiritually, devoting time to communion with God and prayer every day? “If God comes first, everything else will come first.”

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