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  1. In the case of an approaching painful death, this is a rational choice. Nothing worse than the end of a six-month stretch, six months of pain and narcotic painkillers. Because it's not life anyway. So what's the point, for what?

  2. I consider the question to be initially incorrect. It is impossible to measure a person's moral or physical strength by their attitude to euthanasia.�

    Imagine that a person is experiencing unbearable pain and the doctor himself is ready to “help” painlessly and calmly leave, but the patient refuses, for example, because of his religious beliefs (I can't even think of other reasons). Is he strong?�

    I would call him strong if his suffering was for the benefit of something, for example, recovery at least. But when a person, having a choice, arbitrarily chooses to mock himself – this is not a strength or weakness, it is to some extent stupidity…

    Consent to euthanasia is a way to stop the pain that a person has the right to want to stop, it is a normal desire of any being and cannot be a measure of strength.

  3. I like the idea of euthanasia.

    Stay strong and free to choose until the end.

    I don't see the point in torturing myself, all my relatives and friends, if the chances are really gone.

  4. In general, everything has already been said, we can only assume that euthanasia due to ignorance is often perceived as a form of suicide committed in passion. Judging by my experience, many people perceive this as follows: A young man who has been abandoned by a girl can come to the clinic and demand euthanasia for himself, or evil doctors, depriving a person of the opportunity to fight the disease, almost forcibly deprive him of his life. This, of course, is not the case. It is hardly possible to talk about the “weakness” and “frivolity” of seriously ill people who move, for example, to Switzerland from their home country, just to get their lethal injection

  5. While studying in the first year of law school, he made a report on the topic “The right to life. Exercise of the right to die”. I myself am a student of a Belarusian university, so I proceeded from the legislation of my state, as well as from statistics on suicide of the Navapolatsk Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    The realization of the human right to die is also a fine line with the right to life. There is already the influence of the culture in which a person lives, how natural death and artificial (i.e. suicide or euthanasia) are perceived. Here we can already say for sure: in this society, euthanasia will be the act of a weak or strong person. Do not forget that euthanasia itself is one of the ways to realize the right to death along with suicide.

    We proceed from the concept of humanity in relation to seriously ill people. What should a doctor do if his patient considers artificial euthanasia for the benefit of himself? Let's take as a basis the Hippocratic oath which contains the following sentence: “I direct the treatment of the sick to their benefit according to my own strength and understanding, refraining from causing any harm or injustice.” Here, the Hippocratic oath places a taboo on the physician to provide the patient with a lethal remedy and show him the ways for such a plan.

    Now, as for the suicide statistics. This statistic includes the item “due to general, oncological or other serious diseases”.So in 2013 in Novopolotsk there were absolutely 18 suicides, of which 6 people were caused by the above reasons. In 2014, 14 suicides were committed, of which only two were caused by the same reasons.

    Here we can say that people who had serious incurable diseases passed away from the hopelessness of their physical condition, which did not allow them to fully realize their physical needs. Not being able to meet these critical needs was excruciatingly painful, and therefore the exercise of the right to life was seen as limited. For this type of person, who has a tendency to suicide from the above factors, still requires such an institution as euthanasia.

    It is a pity that the legislators in the “post-Soviet” are too stupid to understand this. To regulate this area, it is enough to create a certain commission that would give an opinion that the person requesting the implementation of this procedure is sane, aware of their actions (intellectual moment) and wishes certain consequences to occur (volitional moment), or on the basis of a will that indicates the person's wish in case of loss of full or partial legal capacity to carry out the procedure of euthanasia, make changes to the legislation.

    For example, in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus there are Articles 145 (causing suicide) and 146 (inducing suicide), which do not allow euthanasia to be carried out in the shadows.

  6. I don't understand these moralphages who are shouting that euthanasia is the fate of weak people, you need to fight to the last and all that.�

    Let's say something happened to you that deprived you of the ability to move independently, to talk, and you became a bit of a vegetable. What is the beauty of your existence? Drooling and talking to your inner demons? Torment compassionate relatives? This is all some kind of selfish absurd humanism, in my opinion. I live and have the right to manage my life as I please. If I want to get rid of suffering and torment, then why should my torment continue because of some stupid moral norms that society is trying to impose on me? No, euthanasia is a strong man's choice.

  7. I have friends who work in the intensive care unit, EACH of them has a tattoo “Do not resuscitate”, because they know what kind of torment it is. The same applies to euthanasia. The torments are terrible, both physical and psychological. Therefore, people want to end this torment as soon as possible. It is not a matter of strength and weakness, but of the desire to end the torment.

  8. This is the choice of strong and responsible people who want to pass away with dignity, without tormenting themselves or causing unnecessary suffering to their loved ones and family.

  9. In fact, euthanasia is suicide. A person gives the command to take his own life, being fully aware of this. Do you know how almost all suicide attempts end? Nothing. And all because a person begins to feel incredible pity for himself, thickly mixed with the instinct of self-preservation, and decides not to deprive the world of himself, so beautiful and awesome. In the decision to euthanize, a person also feels some pity for himself, but it is of a different order. If in the case of an attempt to throw yourself from a roof, refusing to do so will only improve the person's life (and certainly will not lead to death), then in the case of a seriously ill person suffering from pain, refusing to die will only lead to an increase in pain, without any deadlines and guarantees when it deigns to end, and the person And it is necessary to have the courage to speed up the inevitable and leave this world earlier. Therefore, euthanasia is the choice of the strong.

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